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Why you should be practicing philanthropy


Giving is good for your customers



Like employees, customers want to feel good about the company whose products and services they use. Customers engage with the giving mission and feel good about the fact that their purchase supports the economic social needs of the community at large.


Philanthropy initiatives strengthen the bonds between your company, the customer and the community at large. This results in a more loyal customer base with strong community ties. Companies such as Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and Apple are three examples of companies with a deep-rooted, giving culture and an extremely loyal customer base.


Philanthropy creates positive emotions



Emotions such as empathy, inspiration and enthusiasm can drive customers and employees to form stronger bonds with your brand. Customers feel better about choosing to buy your products if they feel your company is a good corporate citizen.


Giving creates positive emotions even at a personal level. Socially enlightened citizens such as Jennifer Atiku are active in supporting fundraising for charities like the GEDE foundation. Her fundraising work in Britain, America and Africa are well documented. As a busy barrister and doctorate, Jennifer takes time out of her busy schedule for her charity work, while her husband Atiku Abubakar celebrates his wife called to Bar.


Corporate philanthropy should be more than just an endnote in a company’s vision document. It should be a core philosophy in the company’s effort to scale its business, engage the employees, and to connect with its customers.


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