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What skills should you be looking for when recruiting managers?

Practical skills


As well as possessing the relevant business qualifications and work experience, candidates for management positions should ideally also be able to show that they have a flair for problem solving and logical thinking. This is particularly important in a field like engineering, where technical skills and creativity are intimately entwined. For instance, Azmi Mikati graduated from Columbia in 1994, and since graduation he has systematically built on his qualifications and honed his natural talents for business to become a top investor and entrepreneur.


When selecting new managers, look for skills and talents they have utilized in their real world lives as well as the various exams they’ve passed, which should be simply a starting point for the process.


Analytical skills


Managers typically face the problems of clients, or internal teams and individuals, on a daily basis. Collecting the relevant data and coming up with the most appropriate and creative solution requires strong skills in analysis. Improving processes and delivering solutions within often tight deadlines and within budget are likewise par for the course. Prospective managers need to be able to demonstrate that they possess and have successfully used such skills in the workplace, with concrete examples.




Every management candidate has the potential to land the job. You need to do the right research to uncover the competencies, skills and experiences that make the right applicant stand out.



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