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The Ultimate Exhibition Kit

     •   QR codes laden with inform

     •   Batteries for wireless keyboards, mice and so on

#3 Practical kit

Most exhibition organisers will supply various pieces of kit but you will need to check what is included and what is not. For health and safety, as well as insurance reasons, most organisers insist that you either use their extension cables and other electrical items and so on, unless your equipment comes with an in date PAT test sticker on it.

Also check what they do not allow, such as kettles and so on. But, you also need to make sure you have a box of tricks full of stationery items and do no forget any furniture too. In some cases, when you hire a booth for a conference, it is literally a space with NOTHING in it.

Tool kit essentials:

     •   PAT checked extension leads

     •   Chair(s) or stool(s)

     •   Clipboards

     •   Pens (and spares)

     •   Sticky tape, blue tac, paperclips and assortment of stationery items

#4 Personal survival kit

Exhibitions are tough but fun. However, it is tough on the feet and on the voice too, so make sure that there is a bag of goodies for each staff member so that they have water and snacks on standby.

Toolkit essentials:

     •   Filled water bottles

     •   Easy to eat snacks

     •   Headache tablets

     •   Plasters (for sore, blistered feet…)

     •   Spare change for the coffee machine

     •   Rubbish bag

     •   Travel and hotel arrangement details per person

Taking on the mantel that is the exhibition hall

It is not for everyone but, exhibitions can provide a welcome boost to any business. A bit like taking a trip away, you will not only enjoy it more but get more out of it if everything is organised well in advance. Don’t underestimate the amount it time it can take to get everything packed and ready for transporting.

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