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Taking Stock of Your Annual Business Resolutions

Ordinarily we entrepreneurs don’t like to be confined to any sort of pigeon holes which supposedly dictate to us how we should run our operations, but sometimes you just can’t help it. Sometimes while following the money you find yourself having to at the very least acknowledge societal trends like what comes of New Year’s resolutions and the likes. The so-called silly season is upon us and people are just ready to spend their money man, so we perhaps wouldn’t be able to call ourselves any sort of self-respecting entrepreneurs if we didn’t take advantage of these trends.

This isn’t a post about what you can do to jump on the bandwagon of festive season hustling however, but rather just one about taking stock of your own resolutions which you made. This is the time to evaluate your performance and if you find that you’re coming up short on the plans you had, only then should you very quickly devise a plan to jump on the festive-season bandwagon to perhaps try and salvage the year.


Now, in the true spirit of entrepreneurship, I’m going to shine a spot light on one of my favourite endeavours which I like to dive head-first in, which is making money through gambling. Seriously, there is just money sitting around the various online gambling platforms, waiting for the astute nose to sniff them out and duly capitalise. One such betting channel in particular is that of sports betting and I like to keep it simple by betting on football, or soccer to those of my readers who are located across the Atlantic.


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