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Shared or Dedicated Server? How to Choose Between the Two


Starting a website can be complicated to a beginner, especially if you’re not familiar with the technicalities of online information systems and digital technology. Perhaps even choosing a server is a daunting task for you. When choosing between a shared and dedicated server, here are some things to remember.

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

The main difference between the two is the number of websites they serve. A shared server, as the name implies, is shared by numerous websites. In most cases, shared servers have 1,000 or more users. This does not immediately identify traffic, though.

For instance, a major website like Huffington Post receives around 100 million unique visitors per month, and it’s easy to say that they have their own digital information system with an in-house server. In other words, they have a dedicated server built by their own team. Most websites don’t even have 1% of the unique monthly visitors this big e-magazine site has.

A shared server may have 1,000 users but if each user only generates less than 1,000 unique page views per month, they are only generating as much traffic as Huffington Post as a whole. Some sites don’t even have this many unique visitors.

A dedicated server is the complete opposite of the shared one. A single server is provided to you and you alone, and you can use its maximum capacity without having to deal with co-users who complain about their sites getting slower. Paying for a dedicated server is much easier instead of building your own, unless you have the time, tools, resources, and knowledge to set it up.

How do you decide between the two?

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