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Insights for Entrepreneurs

Learning the Game of Selling


o   Profit


Needless to say, an employer’s main focus is the profit or revenue they can generate by selling a certain product or service. When you introduce a successful sales incentive program, it is highly likely that the increase in motivation will be leading you further down the road of wealth and a sound business health.


o   Motivation


As aforementioned, a successful program will cause the levels of motivation among the sales rep to increase, which is definitely going to help you see an increase in profits and revenue. If you introduce a sales incentive program that is not appealing to the sales rep, you will not see an increase in their productivity since their motivation will be the same or drop even lower.


o   Loyalty


By introducing sales incentives that fulfil the needs, demands or expectations of the employee, the company is bound to witness a lot of loyalty. No sales rep or employee will want to turn away from an organisation that has made an attempt to take good care of them. Once employees do devote their time and energy to the company they work for, they are bound to work extra hard. This also shows the employee that their work has been appreciated and that they are heard and understood.


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