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Insights for Entrepreneurs

How To Pick The Career That’s Right For You

How Much Time Do You Have To Devote To School?

If your career choice requires a college degree or certification, you also need to look at how much money you have to invest in this career path. Yes, you can get loans but those must be paid back. No matter what age you are college or trade school is an option, but you need to be able to afford it.

You also need time to go. If you work full time already and have to in order to survive going back to school might not work for you.


How Much Money Do You Want To Make (And Benefits)?

While it can seem appealing to go into business for yourself, and that does work for many people, you may need to consider some other things. If you become a freelance writer, say, it will be your job to keep track of your taxes each year, your employer won’t take them out for you. You also won’t get any work supplied benefits of any kind.

If you want health insurance, a retirement plan, or other benefits you’ll want to look for a steady job working for an actual employer. If you have a family this is probably your best bet. You might make more money working for yourself, but the benefits of an employee position can sometimes outweigh that extra income.

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