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How to Patent Ideas and Protect One’s Self from Patent Trolls

The application process for filing for a patent with the UK Intellectual Property Office can be daunting for first timers who have never done so in the past. It is usually advised to seek the expertise and experience of someone who is knowledgeable in the process and can best help an inventor or entrepreneur navigate through the bureaucracy.


What to do About Patent Trolls?

A patent troll is a person or group who pursue (or threaten to pursue) litigation against would-be inventors in exchange for licensing fees or other forms of pay-offs. A troll may amass a patent for an idea that is similar to but not quite what an inventor envisions, however as the holder of a similar patent, they may use the threat of litigation as a way to profit from real intellectual property.

Inventors can avoid some of the problems created by trolls by documenting their work and providing a detailed diary of how it was conceived. Working with an experienced patent attorney or firm may also help reduce the risk of an idea being exposed to those who may otherwise seek to profit from other’s labour. The more attractive an idea is, the more likely a troll will want to exploit it for their personal gain. Taking the time and spending the necessary monies to patent a worthy an original idea is well worth the effort in the long run.

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