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How to Get More Customers in Less Time with Buyer Personas

It’s a game of guesswork and generalizing.

Now think about buying a gift for your best friend – you already know she’s wild about cooking, or his favorite color is red, and so on.

Creating a buyer persona (or a few) helps you zero in on your customers’ tastes, appeal to them, and totally nail a sale.
What’s a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a detailed description of a single individual who fits into your target market.

Let me explain in an example:

Perhaps you sell… organic and healthy granola bars. Then you might have a couple personas who look like:

Jack: A 30-year-old rock climber living in Northern California, into adventure travel and promoting environmental issues.
Sarah: A 23-year-old yoga instructor from Denver, CO, always on-the-go, following trends and into health and fitness.

So now you can see two specific people who buy your granola bars – sharing content that Jack or Sarah will be interested in is way easier than sharing something for a faceless mass of ‘young, active adults.’

Plus, aiming your content toward their specific tastes will turn Jack and Sarah into loyal customers and gain traction within the community they roll with.

That means converting more sales!
Get To Know Your Own Customers with Individual Buyer Personas

Here’s your step-by-step breakdown to find the buyer personas unique to your products.
Step 1: Create a buyer persona template to fill out for each persona.

Step 2: Imagine one of your customers as an individual (either create a character or pull specifics from a customer that exists in real life). Give ‘em a name! If you have customers you can interview, even better! Your persona will be based on a real person who really bought your product.

Step 3: Fill out the details of your persona, really getting into their head. The specifics of what they value, what challenges they put up with and how your product alleviates those challenges or appeals to their lifestyle are key.

Follow the guided questions on the worksheet to really get your brain thinking about specifics.

You may want to create a few more personas, since not everyone in your target audience is exactly the same. Pick 1-3 personas that represent the 1-3 types of people that would buy your product.
Use Your More Detailed Buyer Personas For Knock-out Marketing that Boosts Sales

Now that you’ve redefined your target market and gotten into the heads of individual buyers, keep this new knowledge front and center.

Print those personas out and pin them up where you work – from now on, everything you produce, market, brand, blog and sell relates back to them.

Taking the time to aim everything back to the people in your bullseye will add the value and appeal that earns their loyalty – and in turn you’ll get more sales from a product you’re truly passionate about!

Who’s one of your buyer personas? Tell me about what content you post that he/she loooves in the comments!

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