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How To Become A Wellness Guru/Expert

There is money to be made in wellness, and going into that field is a great way to help other people live happier and healthier lives. While many people don’t like the term “guru,” there is nothing wrong with being an expert in a field and sharing your expertise in order to help people. If you have an expertise in any wellness field, no matter how wide or how narrow, you could be an expert that helps others find wellness.

Learn About All The Wellness Options


There are a lot of wellness modalities out there, so you want to learn about what is there and determine which ones you want to specialize in. To be a full-blown wellness guru you’d need to be skilled in them all. However, you can be a yoga expert, a meditation expert, or even a massage expert and know nothing at all about the other options out there.


Start by determining what you know about the skill you prefer. If you enjoy doing massages on your significant other, but you haven’t taken any formal classes and you’re not certified, then you’re not an expert. Just owning a massage chair does not make you a massage expert.


When you’ve listed the models of wellness you have experience in and licensing in, then you can start determining your expert status. The following things, in combination with your years of experience and any required training or licensing, will help you reach your guru status.


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