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Getting Sucked into the Black Hole of Social Media? Here’s How to Find Balance

If you don’t know where to start, browse your current followers and mull over your client base. Write down some common denominators that you can easily identify from your work as a business owner. Figuring out the key features of your community is the first step in capitalizing on social media marketing.

Get Personal

Human 2 Human (H2H) marketing is the hot term right now. It’s a simple principle with a catchy name: be human. The best way to attract a sustainable web community is to reach out in personal ways. When you meet people out in the world, capitalize on those relationships. Follow-up with a quick, personalized hello through your social network of choice.

These old-fashioned connections can go a long way in peer-to-peer promotions. In a recent experiment, Grasshopper found that personal outreach worked more effectively than paid advertisements.

Social media maven Dovev Goldstein told Inc. magazine that in order for small businesses to develop this kind of loyalty, you should “invest consistently small amounts of time over a longer period.” That’s right. This is going to take time.

Automate It

Here’s the challenge — how do you develop these authentic relationships without getting caught in the sticky swamps of 24/7 online activity? Popular tools likeBuffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule content in advance. You can plan it out like you would any other part of your business, sharing content on multiple social accounts while tracking engagement. Check ’em out!

Wondering how often to post? Here are some starting points for small businesses with limited time:

Tools like followerwonk are an added bonus. They will help you to identify the best times to share with your community based on their online activity.

Create a Routine

Think of the last time you pulled up Facebook. Were you bored? Turning toward social media as a distraction isn’t a positive move, even if you’re utilizing it as a marketing tool.

Instead of fidgeting with your platforms throughout the day, set aside a time every week to develop your content plan. Build your social media account around product releases, events and holidays. Follain, a small retail business based in Boston is a great example of this kind of consistency. They promote events and develop weekly posts like #MantraMondays that create natural rhythm and organically attract followers.

In addition to scheduling content ahead of time, you also need specific opportunities to listen and respond to your community. Pick productive moments in the day to check into your social media accounts — maybe as rewards for kicking butt at harder tasks.

Things You Should Do Every Day:

  • Tweet in-the-moment posts related to your field
  • Say “thank you” to followers sharing your content
  • Amplify the work of peers to build reciprocal relationships
  • Respond to negative criticism

Clock Out

Being an awesome social media marketer is just like being a great friend. You’re always there (for the good and the bad), but you have boundaries. You definitely need alone time, especially when you’re working.

So, what do you do? Show up and offer kind words every day. Listen and respond. And then drop that social account like a hot potato and get back to work

Originally posted 2015-05-19 07:18:51. Republished by Blog Post Promoter