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Expanding your business through outsourcing

Outsourcing gives you more flexibility in your budgeting. It may seem more expensive to outsource than to do everything in-house, but there are advantages to one-off payments for services where all unforeseen costs, as well as unexpected problems, are absorbed by the contractor. Another model is to have a long-term retainer or subscription that allows you to call in a specialist contractor at short notice if necessary. There can still be flexibility in the level of service provided, depending on what you can afford and what you require.


Free to focus

Businessman Conducting Meeting --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Businessman Conducting Meeting — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


Outsourcing processes that are not at the core of your business leaves your team to focus on those core functions, which means insight rather than operation. The bottom line is that in marketing the ideas people are the essence of the business, while those who implement those ideas are replaceable, and their roles can be outsourced if it makes strategic, tactical or financial sense. This may sound harsh, but acknowledging this truth is the way to facilitate company growth or to negotiate the steep learning curve of getting to grips with a new product or distribution channel. Outsourcing can also be the means to see your company through the inevitable lean periods as you streamline the firm back to its core applications.


Ultimately, outsourcing frees you up to do your job while bringing in skilled freelancers to do their job. Expanding your business is always going to be about learning how to delegate responsibilities and to manage effectively, and selective outsourcing is a crucial part of that process.



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