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Educational routes for manufacturing and engineering


Sadly, nearly a third of UK apprentices don’t finish their programmes. Overall success rate for apprenticeships has taken a decline to around 68.9% when compared to 2010 when it was at 76.4%. So, what do the figures look like for engineering and manufacturing? Is the decline apparent here too?


58,000 engineering apprenticeships were gained in England during 2014/15, and 42% were achieved at Level 3 or above. However, despite no official figures, we can assume that the 2016/17 success rate figures for engineering apprenticeships has continued to rise now that there are over a quarter of a million workplaces offering apprenticeship programmes, a 50% increase over the past five years. Furthermore, four out of five manufacturing employers are reported to be planning to recruit manufacturing and engineering apprentices in the next year.


It is expected that the demand for skilled workers in the engineering and manufacturing sector will continue to rise, as the UK is home to 650,000 engineering enterprises. Improving the perception of the industry is vital to the continuous success of the industry, as well as appropriate training. However, if the figures discussed here are anything to judge by, the engineering and manufacturing sectors don’t have much to worry about in this department.




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