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Digital Signage Displays Create Engagement


Know the Audience


“Know your customer” is one of the most important rules of business. Walk in your customer’s shoes. Before initiating a digital signage strategy, know as much about your audience or customer as possible. Create content, videos, or content that mirrors your audience. The customer must identify with your message.


For example, if your business hopes to identify your business with customer values, use quantitative data about customers’ age groups. A message about “freedom” may be appealing to teenagers but less interesting to middle-aged parents.


Performance Measurement


Before creating digital signage displays, determine your focus goals. If you want to motivate the customer to ask a sales representative for assistance, you want him or her to take immediate action. If you’re hoping to increase fourth quarter revenues, the actions you want customers to take will differ.


Identify digital signage goals at the start to measure your campaign’s bottom line success.


Digital Signage and Performance Management


Digital Signage displays can motivate and drive performance in the organization. Important performance data may be displayed to employees or salespeople on screens to support agile, real-time business decisions.


Use digital signage to highlight team or division targets to inspire competitiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Place digital signage in high-traffic areas to keep employees focused on goals. Digital signage displays can be tailored based on the metrics or goals of the department or division.


Content and Digital Display Signage


Digital signage displays rely on successful content. When considering a digital signage campaign, remember to tell great stories. The message must be simple and compel the audience to prompt them to action or reaction.


Where you position digital signage displays is very important. Identify “hotspots” within the shopping area or corporate office. Place digital signage in areas where people congregate and stay the longest. A video wall or large digital display creates almost endless possibilities to capture customer or employee attention.

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