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Digital Signage Displays Create Engagement

Digital signage displays can improve customer experience. Marketers know that improving customer experience unlocks more sales and higher revenues. Recent research from Gartner says that product or service price doesn’t directly correlate to customer loyalty. Customers experience is an essential business differentiator today.

Good customer service is expected when customers shop in person at a brick-and-mortar store. Technology adds new ways to improve customers’ experience in the real world. Strategically planned and positioned Navori digital signage solutions offer customer engagement and marketing tools.


Digital Signage and Information


Digital signage solutions draw customer attention by offering the customer relevant information, including news, sports, weather, or financial market information. When a business uses digital signage displays, Gartner says that customers standing in a long line perceive a significantly shorter wait time. For instance, if the actual waiting time in line is 15 minutes, the customer may estimate a seven or eight-minute wait.


Improve customer experience by creating digital signal with these elements:


Tell a Story


To engage customers, the business can create digital signage that shares corporate history, values, and culture. If the business is well-known by local customers, remind them about the company’s start. Show them how the business relied on local families to grow. Good storytelling keeps customers engaged and builds brand loyalty.


Digital signage displays allows the business to share information that might not be available in other formats. It’s simple to install a digital signage display that delivers information or engaging content to customers.


Keep It Simple


Small business owners may be tempted to provide too much information in a single signage display. It’s important to give customers information they need but it’s as important to convey a simple, clear, and memorable message. Simple digital messaging doesn’t require verbal scripting, but it should mean great design. Provide crisp, sharp images and simple text to convey clear messages or information to customers.


Creative Designs


At their best, digital signage displays are as pleasing to customers’ eyes as art. Combined design, color, and text must come together to deliver a compelling or memorable message. Animated content may be used to capture the intended audience’s attention and prompt them to engage with it.


Creative Location-Specific Messages


New York customers differ from those in St. Louis. What’s relevant or important to New Yorkers might not interest Miamians. Digital signage can familiarize your message and information to the audience. Access and use market research to create resonant messages.

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