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Creating Videos That Sell Your Products

You’re going to need something to take video with. You have numerous options, from video cameras and cameras with video option to smartphones and webcams. You want something that takes clear video so that you can make something that people will want to share. Test out the video features on the tech you have, and then consider investing in something new if what you have doesn’t make the grade.


Know How To Edit


While you can shoot a video without doing any kind of editing, you might want to hone your editing skills just in case. This is especially important if you are creating something for your business. A video blog can be uncut, but a commercial will need a little extra work. Take some time to look into video editing software or apps that can help you out, there are cheap options for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Using Facebook


Facebook has made it even easier to get your videos out there with their live feature. This will be an unedited video, since it automatically streams on facebook, so no need to know how to edit. The more interesting your video, and the title you chose for it, the more people will tune in and even watch/share it once your video is done and saved to Facebook.


If you’re concerned about making videos (or going live on Facebook), do some practice videos for yourself. You just might find you have a knack for creating vlogs, commercials, or even instructional videos. And, with any luck, some of your videos will go viral.

Originally posted 2017-03-20 22:36:24. Republished by Blog Post Promoter