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Learning the Game of Selling

Many companies that sell their products and services to customers often fail to realise that their employees lack the dedication and motivation that it takes to reach a certain goal by the end of the month. Any employer who intends to increase the level of productivity taking place within business must ensure that their employees are offered some incentives to increase their motivation. Continue reading »

Why Buying Local Pays

You’ve probably heard it many times before that you should practice buying local. If there’s anything you spend your money on it should be sourced as locally as possible, whether it’s produce grown locally or if it’s a finished product which was made within the borders of your home country, if not within your very own local neighbourhood. But how exactly does buying local pay? How exactly is buying local products advantageous to you, especially if you’re one of those people who enjoy their exotic brands and a plethora of other exotic products? Continue reading »

What Can a Shopping Cart and Web Store Do for Your Online Business?

If you have been searching for the ultimate addition to your website, you’re in luck. You can add a website shopping cart  to your E-commerce arsenal. This is the best possible move to make if you desire your business to be taken seriously. Once you are able to sell your goods to the public over your official company website, you’ll be ready to reap serious profits. Without this important addition, you’re basically hosting a glorified picture gallery. This is one area in which you cannot afford to cut corners.

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Air Freight For Better Business

Speed is everything in business. Whether it’s speed of getting a deal done, speed of purchase or simply speed of transportation, speed gets you ahead of the game and ahead of the competition. It’s what could stand you out from the rest of your rivals. Think about it. If your product takes days to arrive whilst your competitor’s takes weeks, chances are the customer will be swayed towards using your company. It’s certainly something to think about and with a steady decrease in air freight price, it’s also a legitimate option for a small business which means they can now compete with much larger companies in the same industry. Let’s have a look at some of the overall advantages of using air freight as opposed to another form of transportation.


air freight



It goes without saying that a plane is obviously faster than a large cargo ship. What you must work out before hand is whether you’d prefer to use air freight which is indeed faster but has limited capacity or us a cargo ship where you can transport far more but at the expense of time. If it’s simply speed you’re after however, air freight wins every time.


ship freighter



Now days most forms of logistical transport is pretty secure but with air freight, it’s usually far more secure than using a cargo ship for instance. Sometimes cargo containers get misplaced and lost track of when getting unloaded off a ship or even lost due to bad weather at sea. This is certainly not a problem with air freight because the capacity is far smaller and the goods you’re transporting will usually be much less than if you’re using a ship.




This isn’t reliability as relates to breakages of the machines and equipment, but more to do to with keeping on schedule with delivery times and dates. Air freight is far less likely to suffer delays and if there are delays, it’s usually a matter of hours at a time, which isn’t a massive problem. With ocean freight however, it can be quite common for shipments to arrive a day or even days late due to poor weather and unforeseen circumstances. If you want a better chance of your goods arriving on time, it’s probably best to stick to air freight!

So next time you’re thinking about using a logistics company for transporting your business’s goods, instead of going for the cargo ship, look towards air freight and see if it fits your business needs better.


How To Ensure Customer Safety With Your Products

Products that people buy sometimes cause them issues, whether it’s a product that prematurely breaks or something that poses an actual threat to their life. This is what product testing is important. It doesn’t matter if you have a small company or a large one, you want to make sure that you are creating the best products for your customers.

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Boosting Sales in Your Business Using the Revenue-Match Method

For a start-up founder who appears to be beating the odds and realising some success in their venture, there’s perhaps no greater joy than the bittersweet moment of having to deal with the headache of expanding. This is particularly true in the case of having to respond to the type of growth which sees the demand for your product or service rising to the point that you inevitably have to expand. Continue reading »