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4 Tried and Tested Marketing Techniques Every Dentist Can Use to Bring in New Leads

Marketing is a powerful tool that you can use to increase traffic to your dentist clinic. There are many marketing techniques that you can apply to bring new leads such as fine-tuning your branding and value proposition; using feature-benefit selling and researching your competition. You can also create invaluable offers tailored to audience niche. These are some of the techniques you can apply to grow your dental business.

Identify Your Target Audience

This is the starting point for any successful dental marketing campaign. You have to invest ample time in this stage if you want positive results at the end of the campaign. It is usual for dentists to have a general audience, but how you present your brand will determine how your potential clients will respond.

There are many dentistry niches that you can decide to choose from. For example, you can decide to be a family dentist or a cosmetic dentist who does veneers, whitening and implants. The secret to a successful business is specialization. It is all tied to branding and the type of work that you love doing. There is nothing wrong with having multiple niches within your overall audience; identify them instead as separate entities.

Identifying your target means conducting deep research about who you want to appeal to. A family dentist would focus on the different members of the family.

Fine tune your Branding and Value proposition

Value proposition can give a distinct edge over your competitors because you can fill a need that no one else can meet. You will be able to win your target audience easily as compared to your competitors who are also targeting the same audience.

You value proposition and your branding should be closely tied together. If you are promoting your practice as affordable for children, then you may include discounts and insurance covers for a particular age group. For cosmetic dentists, they should have not only quality but also unique value proposition that no one else has.

Use Feature Benefit Selling

This is tested trick that both copywriters and salespeople have used to get successful sales. For example, if you are a cosmetic dentist, your value proposition may be that you offer the latest procedures that no one else in the market offers.  The benefit can be that the procedures are pain-free, more affordable and the implants last longer. You can use patient prism to grow your dental business. It offers informative content on how to generate new leads to your website. It improves your online presence.

Create Strong Offers Tailored to Audience Niche

The reason why most companies’ carry out marketing campaigns is to show why they are different from the other competitors and why you should buy their products is instead the rival products. When you are looking for new clients, you need to step this game to win more clients.

One of the best ways to attract new clients is using offers that are designed to sweeten the deal.  For example, you can offer free teeth cleaning when a client books an appointment for teeth whitening


The secret to any successful marketing campaign is understanding your audience. This includes what appeals to their needs as well as their pain points. You can use patient prism to grow your dental business; they ensure your target audience’s needs are met; their long experience in the market has enabled them to become leaders in crafting successful marketing strategies and campaigns.

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The importance of online marketing for businesses in the modern era

Today, the vast majority of consumers either search and place orders online for products before going to a physical location to make their purchases or buy directly online. What’s more, an ever-growing percentage of them place orders when on the move, via a smartphone or tablet PC, and they use social media to do it.



More and more business owners have come to recognise the key role online marketing has to play in ensuring the continued success of their companies. You may have invented the most innovative product or service the world has ever seen, but if no one knows about it, how can you possibly hope to sell it? Forget press advertising, and TV commercials are out of reach to many SMEs and start-ups, especially if you are aiming at a global audience. Online marketing is by far the cheapest and most cost-effective way of reaching as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

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Hopefully, you will already have a company website. A website makes it possible for consumers to browse at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Assuming you have a contact page and an e-commerce facility, they can email you and place orders whenever they please. Today’s consumers expect to receive a more personalised service. The internet has made it possible to track the behaviour of visitors to your website, which means you can identify what interests them. You can target specific groups or individuals with sales campaigns that you already know stand a good chance of success. You can email them to check that they are satisfied with their purchases and ask them to complete customer satisfaction surveys.




social media2

With the advent of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, consumers now want to know more about the CEOs, CFOs and other senior managers running the companies they are buying from and expect these people to interact with them. A great example of how to go about this is provided by Max Mosley, the former president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body of world motor sport. Having dedicated his years as president to improving the safety of not only racing drivers but also road safety in general, he uses online media to comment and provide his expert opinion on issues such as F1 driver Jules Bianchi’s accident. Max’s comments on the crash were widely reported on online media sites around the world, something that would not previously have been possible. A headline such as ‘Max Mosley: EU investigators could crash F1’ can quickly trend across the internet and prompt discussion and debate.



Recent reports found that of the companies contacted that had a marketing department, 94% made use of social media and 85% of businesses that maintained a presence on social media reported an increase in consumer awareness. 43% of 20 to 29-year-olds say they spend over 10 hours per week on social media sites.



Finally, you may find it useful to set up a YouTube account. You can post video clips on a range of helpful subjects related to your company, display new products or services, or have yourself and your senior management team talk about your business and publicise upcoming events and promotions.



Ignore online media at your peril; your competitors may already be taking advantage of the extra sales it generates.