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Category: Leadership and Management

Tips For Finding The Right Employees For Your Business

When you’re running a business you need to make sure you have the right staff. Finding the right employees for any kind of business can often be a challenge and you may find yourself going through a revolving door of them at times. Some people work simply because they need to make money to live, but they have no passion for the job.


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How To Avoid Discrimination In Your Workplace

Discrimination can happen in many ways in the workplace, and it can be detrimental to employees that are experiencing it. There are many types of discrimination and it can happen to people of different sexes, different ages, and different nationalities. No matter what the basis of the discrimination it still isn’t right.


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The Importance of Mobile Devices in the Workplace [Infographic]

Most people have one or more mobile devices, and they take them everywhere they go. This goes for people of all demographics, including employees who happen to be on the clock at the time. Dell has some interesting numbers to describe the reality of workplace mobile device usage, as well as some suggestions for how all of this is bound to transform the workplace of tomorrow. All of these future prognostications are somewhat speculative, but these numbers can make you sure that mobile usage and byod security will be important ideas in the next few years.

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How Do You Value a Remote or Virtual Business?

If you go onto freelancing platforms such as the likes of UpWork and others, you might come across the rather intriguing discovery of some big money businesses which perhaps don’t even have a website, in the form of employers (gig/job posters) whose expenditure record on such platforms is through the roof. These are the operators of remote or virtual businesses and if you’re one of them and you want a means through which to get a valuation of your business, it naturally makes for quite a challenge because I think we can safely say that this isn’t in any way a conventional business. Continue reading »

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How to Get Ahead in the Realty Business

There they are. The family you have the responsibility of helping to find that perfect home. This is the place where they will eat, sleep, and make memories that will be handed down generation to generation.

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How To Be Healthier At The Office

When you’re at the office you may find that you often don’t think much about your health. You sit for hours at a desk, slumped over a computer, and you get junk food out of vending machines to snack on while sipping a soda. You could be ruining all of the work you put into good health when you are home by not working on being healthy at the office.

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3 Tips for Encouraging Your Employees To Be Healthier at Work

If your office is filled with rows and rows of cubicles and desks, there’s a pretty good chance that a number of your employees are becoming stuck in the rut of remaining at their desk all day without taking the time to think about how these habits are affecting their health. And while you may be thinking that your employees’ health shouldn’t really be your concern, when you’ve got people calling in sick, needing to take prolonged vacations, or requiring medical assistance, their health will soon become much more your problem. So to help your employees remain in peak physical condition and your company running smoothly, here are three things you may want to consider to encourage your employees to be healthier at work.

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