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Buying a home? Online Estate Agent or High Street?

There’s no doubting the increasing visibility of online estate agents these days; their selling point is seemingly reduced fees compared to the traditional high street estate agents, which scores well with buyers who’re already strapped for cash.

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How to Maintain a Promising Savings Account

When we determine how much money we should set aside for our savings account, the usual process we do is to subtract all our possible expenses for the month and only then can we decide how much we are willing to set aside to be deposited in our savings account. Financial experts say however that if we are to effectively save, the process should be the other way around. It should not be how much we are willing to save, but on how much we can save. Upon receiving your salary, set aside a fixed amount to subtract to your earnings as savings and only after so should you budget your expenses. By doing so, you lessen the possibility of spending on unnecessary items. Setting aside a fixed amount of your earnings will go a long way than only putting leftovers in your account. Continue reading »

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What You Should and Shouldn’t Be Doing Online

If it’s nothing but convenience which you’re specifically after, then there’s perhaps nothing which you shouldn’t be doing online. You should be doing everything online quite simply because you can. If it involves making payments, planning something (a trip, an event, etc), communicating with someone or perhaps just looking for some information, it can all be done online these days. In fact, who isn’t already doing all these things online anyway? Continue reading »

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Options Trading with EZtarder

Have you had to choose a binary options broker but didn’t have full information about the available trading platforms? This is where you will need an exhaustive review of notable platforms like EZtrader. It is one of the pioneer binary options brokers that started in 2008. The platform is owned by WGM services Ltd and is based in Cyrus. The company became fully regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in 2013 under the license number 203/13. It also operates in several countries in Europe. Historically, it has had strong links with football, having partnered with Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Everton and AIK. Continue reading »

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Choosing the best loft ladders for your home – Some considerations to keep in mind

It is definitely a good idea to store things in the loft or attic room but access to this place is vital as you have to plan out a safe access to the loft. If you are in the market to get yourself some of the best loft ladders, you can be sure about getting something within your budget and which suits your property as well. It is vital for you to show the layout of your property before buying a loft ladder which fits in the best manner. There are also many other considerations which you need to take into account if you want to get a loft ladder to reach out to your loft area. What are they? Take a look at some of them. Continue reading »

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UK pensions map infographic: how much are we saving?

True Potential, an online investment company, has created a graphic – mapping out how people around the UK are saving towards their pensions.


The UK Fintech company, has produced an app offering a self-directed investment service that lets you set goals, create budgets and invest directly from the app. Continue reading »

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How can temporary car insurance cost you more money in the long run?

In the attempt to lower the expense of your car insurance, you could seriously consider taking out temporary insurance. In a description put forward by MoneyMagpie, this kind of insurance allows cover spanning anything from one to 28 days. It certainly seems to enable a pleasing degree of financial flexibility; if you drive your car more occasionally than regularly, couldn’t it save you a lot of money over time? Well, that would depend on your particular circumstances… Continue reading »

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