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Different Approaches to Investing in the Same Industry

It’s quite interesting to observe how different people involved in the same workplace meeting walk away from it with vastly different mandates and yet they work for the exact same company. You’ll have the manager who perhaps has renewed impetus to get on the backs of their subordinates, the personal assistant who has some minutes to file, the accountant who has to go over certain numbers all over again and perhaps even the ground-level workers who have to double their efforts in order to meet some sort of upcoming target or deadline. All this really demonstrates is how differently we experience the same things in life and when it comes to investing, that’s sadly where many people get it wrong while only a few get it right. Continue reading »

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Retirement travel dreams fading?

We’ve recently witnessed a positive shift in pension attitudes. Research from True Potential Investor’s Tackling The Savings Gap Q3 report shows that just 19% of 24-34 year olds didn’t contribute towards their pension — showing a reduction of 7% on Q2’s 26%. Continue reading »

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Questions to Ask if You’re Looking for Wealth Management Help

Obtaining wealth is important, and managing wealth is just as important. The first step had probably taken most people many years, and if the latter is done wrong, those years are completely wasted.

Once you have decided to move forward in seeking help with managing your wealth, first ask yourself these questions:

How high are my goals?

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Merchant cash advance loans – A sneak peek into the ways they help businesses

In the world of small-sized and mid-sized businesses, cash flow is always the king. Cash is the main thing which helps you maintain inventory, growing your business and paying suppliers. As the economic recession put damper on the credit markets, businesses start looking elsewhere in search of cash. You will be rather happy to know that the newest solution in town is the merchant cash advance loans or the MCA loans. They offer a perfect alternative resource of funding businesses for those entrepreneurs who lack perfect credit rating or the required collateral. Continue reading »

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£3.5 Million New Underground Reservoir for Whitby

The future generations of Whitby will have their water supplies secured as work has already started on a new large service reservoir.


An underground reservoir located off Castle Road (near Sneaton Castle) is being replaced by Yorkshire Water, with a bigger one that’ll be able to cope with the predicted population growth.

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UK pensions map infographic: how much are we saving?

True Potential, an online investment company, has created a graphic – mapping out how people around the UK are saving towards their pensions.


The UK Fintech company, has produced an app offering a self-directed investment service that lets you set goals, create budgets and invest directly from the app. Continue reading »

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How to Build a Defensible Rental Income from a Small Portfolio

The rental market has seen some turbulence over the last few years. But at a time when interest rates are low, it is still an attractive investment option for many. If you are considering getting in on the action, however, as a small investor, there is little margin for error. Here are important things to keep in mind as you build a defensible rental income from your small portfolio. Continue reading »

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