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3 Reasons Why Kraft Paper Bags Are So Cool

There are plenty of things to consider when choose bags for your business, and coolness might be something to think about if you want to attract new customers. It might seem like a fairly loose term, but looking for cool, fashionable bags can help you stand out, and here are just three reasons why Kraft paper bags are ideal.

1. Kraft Paper is Environmentally Friendly

You’d have to be living under a rock to not understand how important the eco-friendly credentials of packaging materials have become. It’s important to choose environmentally conscious materials simply to promote sustainable business practices, but it’s also a smart way to court customers. Nowadays, shoppers want to know the businesses they frequent are committed to helping the environment, so eco-friendly products have become increasingly cool. Kraft paper certainly fits the bill since it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

2. Kraft Paper is Ideal for Customization

While plain paper bags have a degree of retro charm, most businesses who understand the value of branding like to add custom printing. Kraft paper is a fantastic material for printing since it takes ink well and doesn’t crumple when held, meaning any branding you add will stand out and get noticed as your customers carry the bags around. With the freedom to make a cool design, Kraft paper should be a top choice for creative businesses. 

3. Kraft Paper Combines Upscale with Simplicity 

One of the problems with using simpler materials is that they don’t always suggest your business and products are particularly upscale. However, Kraft paper sidesteps that issue since it combines the old-fashioned simplicity customers seek with the premium look and feel that keeps bringing them back. Not at all flimsy, the appearance of Kraft paper is sophisticated and professional, and its thickness and strength make it feel like a luxury product to the touch.

Business Management Tips For The 21st Century Entrepreneur

It may seem like the 21st century is still in its infancy, but the first 20 years have seen technological progressions unlike any other time.  This means a whole lot of changes for business and a dire need to keep up with new developments.  

If you’re currently in a position to manage a business operation, you could probably use a few good tips.  Here are some business management tips for the 21st century entrepreneur.  

Understand the need for a virtual office

The culture of the 21st century means that your business needs to be an accessible entity from anywhere.  Even if you already have a brick and mortar office, you’ll need a digital office for collaboration and connection at all times.  

Sharing, delegating, and virtual collaboration efforts have changed the face of business today.  Find the best mobile apps for staff scheduling, financial endeavours, and video conferencing, and stay connected.  

You can do more to lower your overhead

The tech advancements of the 21st century have allowed for business owners and managers to consider nixing the physical “office” altogether.  Remote operations are common, and remote professionals are extremely accessible.  

Today’s entrepreneurs have the ability to run their business entirely from the comfort of home.  Successful entrepreneurs know how to use the tech advances of today to their advantage.  

Digital marketing is an absolute necessity

Marketing had radically changed in the past two decades.  Today’s business owners should focus the majority of their marketing efforts towards digital outlets.  Utilize social media for visibility, and dive into the purpose of SEO efforts in your digital design.  

Email is another great outlet for business marketing.  Collect email addresses using your business website, and send out regular newsletters, deals, and promotions.  Maintaining a steady connection with consumers is crucial to the progression of your business.  

Keep in constant communication 

There’s no reason to ever have trouble communicating with the professionals who help keep your business moving forward.  Technology offers a long list of digital communication apps. Use apps like Skype, Messenger, and GSuite to keep everyone in the proverbial loop.  

As long as there is an internet connection, you should have no trouble working fluently throughout the night and day.  No matter where you are physically, you can be at work.  

Remember your people skills 

Throughout all of the electric excitement stirred from today’s technology, always keep in mind that you’re still dealing with people.  Remember the human side of business, and tread lightly with others.  

It can be difficult to infer tone and inflection through digital communication, so be sure you are clearly non-confrontational.  Great digital communication skills come in handy when dealing with a disgruntled employee or customer.

Online casinos as a business

We all know what the world’s oldest profession is, but let’s not get to that this time. Online casinos aren’t that old per se, but they certainly have concepts that have been used centuries ago. Gambling and gaming has always been integrated to human mind, no matter the era. Chinese soldiers have for example gambled over thousands of years ago already (Keno).

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How Mis Sold Pension Can Help You Reclaim Money From Mis Sold Sipps

A mishmash of celebrity supports, financial advisers and assurance of guaranteed returns were the causes behind many individuals remortgaging their homes or transferring their self-invested personal pension and using them to finance in Harlequin property plan. They were assured of possessing a share in a five-star magnificence beach property that would attain a ninety percent occupation. Around six thousand individuals mainly from the United Kingdom were persuaded into purchasing the Harlequin property claim, which guaranteed a yearly return of ten percent. The SIPP outlays that were from Harlequin fortune were depicted in a way that they appeared outstanding and attractive to United Kingdom pension saver, for they could generate a massive investment of four hundred million pounds.

How Harlequin outlay mis-sold its customers

The Harlequin speculation plan was tied on the assurance that the cash would be financed in palatial properties overseas. Amongst them, hotels and villas in regions like Brazil, Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean. Additionally, independent financial advisors worked intelligently to vend these schemes to possible investors as they grossed a profitable commission of about fifteen percent. These investors were only to reimburse a thirty percent cash deposit, and when the property was finished, they were promised a mortgage. IFA traded this Harlequin outlay scheme excessively to pensioners, and with their appealing projected gains, several fell into the trap. Unfortunate enough, Harlequin only finished a few structures leaving investors with no investment or capital to lean on. Self employed iva

How do I make a SIPP demand?

An effective SIPP request can be directed to your SIPP provider or financial consultant. In a situation where either the two is bankrupt, you’ll need to make your request through the financial service compensation plan. Like any other monetary request, the mis sold SIPP compensation  request procedure is marked by complicated legal processes, hard points to be contended, dismissed or promoted as well as taking months before a re-compensation is allowed. Even though each situation of SIPP mis-sale is dissimilar, the mis-sold pension team of claims professionals will assist you in claiming your SIIP. This is because they have the required knowledge, strategy and experience to make the whole request procedure as straightforward as you can feasibly imagine. Here are some of the crucial steps that they’ll follow to guarantee that your SIPP request is fortunate.

By hiring the services of an experienced mis-sold SIPP claims company, you can rest assured the entire SIPP claim process will be handled professionally, smoothly and within the shortest time possible. pension claims expert will hold your hand throughout the entire SIPP claim process and ensure that you are kept informed and up to date with the progress of your claim.

The Benefits of Regular Workplace Cleaning Services

As a business owner, the cleanliness of your workplace is probably a long way down your list of priorities each day, but maintaining a clean and tidy office is an extremely important part of running a successful business.

Whilst it’s normal for entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on the costs of commercial cleaning services for their business, they should be thinking about what they could stand to gain by keeping their workplace clean. There is no doubt that it does cost money to hire a professional cleaning company, however, a clean office environment is an investment that can pay for itself many times over in the long run when you consider some of the benefits of regular workplace cleaning services

Better employee wellbeing and health

On average, employees spend around 8 hours a day at work. This means that most people spend almost as much time at work as they do at home. As a result, it’s important to ensure that their working environment is kept clean, uncluttered and well-maintained to ensure that employees can be efficient and productive and feel comfortable and happy in their jobs.

In contrast, dirty, dusty and cluttered work areas can pull attention away from the tasks at hand and can adversely affect morale and engagement amongst workers. It is also important to consider that an unclean work environment can contribute to increased staff sick days as a result of the spread of germs. By investing in a regular commercial cleaning service, businesses can stand to maintain good employee wellbeing, morale and productivity, whilst reducing sick days for physical illness and mental health reasons.

Better first impressions

A clean, tidy and organised work environment helps to offer a warmer welcome to visitors and potential clients. A clean appearance for your reception area and office helps to instil confidence in your company by suggesting that efficiency and attention to detail are important to you.

On the other hand, stained carpets and dirty walls can have the opposite effect, suggesting that your business lacks the care and to create a clean working environment for employees, let alone the professionalism to look after a new client.

It’s also important to consider that happier and productive employees can also contribute towards a positive first impression of a business. A clean office is just one way to achieve higher levels of morale and productivity to create a great representation of a business.

Protecting assets in your building

Commercial cleaning services help to increase the longevity of assets such as furniture, carpets, floors, tile surfaces and important office equipment such as computers. By reducing excessive wear and tear, regular cleaning helps to save money by preventing the need for regular repairs or replacements.

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MCS Cleaning Services specialise in commercial cleaning for just about every business and public sector, from office cleaning and washroom services, to complete factory cleaning services. To find out how MCS Cleaning Services can benefit your business and arrange a cleaning plan with your local branch, please call the MCS team today on 0800 612 0437.

Property Development Finance Explained

Unsure what a property development loan could do for your project? We’ve got all the information you need

You have to be passionate about property in order to take on a large-scale building project. Such a task requires a huge amount of planning, preparation and execution. If you consider yourself part of this passionate and creative group, you know how it feels to want every aspect of your project to go smoothly. The last thing you want is for a problem with funding to stop you turning your vision into a reality.

Whether a housing project, an office block or something else entirely, you have an end goal in mind and you’ll do whatever it takes to get there. For many people in this situation, property development finance can provide the extra funds and security needed in order to complete the project without hiccups or stress.

But what exactly is property development finance, and how can it help you take the next step with your building project? This is property development finance, explained.

What is property development finance?

Whether you’re hoping to undertake a new build project, a conversion, a renovation, a part-build project or a ground-up development, property development finance is there to help you with the funding when you need it. It is designed for use in either major new building projects or comprehensive renovations, and offers a fast route to necessary finances which can be obtained in a short time frame in order to cover short term costs.

Property development loans can be used to provide finance for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. It is a kind of bridging finance designed to ‘bridge’ a gap in your finances, meaning you can afford to undertake the next phase of your project and repay your loan once you have access to the profit you’re expecting to make.

Property development loans explained

One of the most common questions surrounding property development finance is how much you can borrow. The loan amount is based on a percentage of the GDV (gross development value) at the end of the work. This usually offers a potential maximum of 60% loan to GDV, with a maximum of 75% of total costs.

For example, say a developer plans to build a set of houses with a GDV of £4.5million. The total costs involved are £3.1million (£1.25million for land purchase and £1.85million for build costs). A lender may then offer development finance of £2.32million, set out as an initial advance of £320,000 followed by regular payments throughout the build.

Development loans are usually used for large-scale projects, while other forms of bridging finance can be sought for smaller refurbishment undertakings.

Property development finance rates

A property development loan is usually arranged on an interest only basis. The term of the loan is typically between 6 and 18 months, though this does depend on the size and nature of the project. Usually the interest can be rolled up into the loan, meaning in this case there are no monthly payments.

It’s best to first ensure that all the necessary planning permission is in place before applying for your finance. A development loan can be difficult to obtain unless planning consent has been finalised and all the necessary documentation is available.

There are no set rates when it comes to property development finance. Speaking to a trusted lender can give you the chance to talk through your project openly and discover the best route for your specific needs. Lenders can assess your application individually and work with you to determine the best way to get your project funded.

Why Web-Based Business Owners Need to Diversify Offline

Unless you’re in the business of providing marketing, advertising and technical products and services to other web-based businesses, if you operate an online business you need to diversify offline for a number of reasons.

Profitable web-based income streams are rapidly dynamic

Unless you’ve managed to capture a really large market, not even necessarily as a pioneer, you would be fully aware of the fact that the most profitable online business models are those which operate on a structure that is based on generating advertising revenue. Whether you’re selling products or services yourself directly, as an affiliate or if you’re selling advertising in the purest sense, it’s about getting a core business model right. Now, the fact that this business model typically exists in the digital space means that any team of programmers with enough willpower to do so can clone it within a very short space of time, thereby eating into your pioneering market share or completely changing the game to take business away from you directly.

So it’s important to diversify offline.

It’s just good business practice to diversify into something more “tangible”

Even the best of web-based businesses can essentially be cloned in some way, so to avoid losing capital value in the event that you may one day need to sell, it makes good business sense to diversify into something more tangible, offline.

You create more “tangible” assets when diversifying offline

This just builds on from the previous section – there is indeed more value in assets which exist physically, like perhaps your web-based company owning some buildings which will be recognised as actual value in the eyes of some relevant power figures who may not otherwise be able to reconcile any value with something like a website.

The virtual world is but just an extension of the physical world

When you realise that the virtual world of online business is in actual fact just an extension of the physical world, it will make more obvious sense why there’s a need to diversify offline. Certain business decisions will then be easier to make, such as how if you perhaps have your own servers housed somewhere you can decide to save energy and money by implementing the use of solar panels to power up the infrastructure.

Websites are digital, yes, but without physical servers somewhere, they really don’t exist…

Online advertising and marketing is a full-time job

This goes back to the discussion of the type of online business you’re running, and if you’re not in the business of providing online marketing and advertising products and services, you will fall short in this department. The fact that leading SEO service providers such as Assertive Media exist and operate on a dedicated, specialist level, says a lot about what’s required to keep abreast of what it takes to stay relevant so that you can keep bringing in an income.

So, when you diversify offline then you can focus on the core operations of what directly affects your bottom line and leave the specialised web-based marketing to the experts.