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Vouching For Virtual – A Breakdown Of How Virtual Offices Help SMEs



Traditionally, the virtual office is a great deal for a start-up venture looking for a more budget-friendly way to work without skimping out on the tools that make an office run efficiently. More and more businesses, however, are looking at this workspace solution as a way to function in a world economy that is increasingly relying on apps and software that expedite business. SMEs, in particular, can benefit from the virtual office in many ways.

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How to Keep a Full Time Job whilst Caring For Your Child

Becoming a parent can be a stressful time – especially when you try to balance your family life with your full time job. While priorities change once you start a family, it’s good to be able to keep a full time job to be able to afford to pay for all those things your child will need. Another benefit of staying in full time work is the opportunity to interact with other adults. Continue reading »

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Different Approaches to Investing in the Same Industry

It’s quite interesting to observe how different people involved in the same workplace meeting walk away from it with vastly different mandates and yet they work for the exact same company. You’ll have the manager who perhaps has renewed impetus to get on the backs of their subordinates, the personal assistant who has some minutes to file, the accountant who has to go over certain numbers all over again and perhaps even the ground-level workers who have to double their efforts in order to meet some sort of upcoming target or deadline. All this really demonstrates is how differently we experience the same things in life and when it comes to investing, that’s sadly where many people get it wrong while only a few get it right. Continue reading »

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How can you keep your employees satisfied? Results from the latest study

Most adults spend the majority of their time in the workplace rather than anywhere else. Different to a couple of decades ago, many employees do not want to simply go to work, complete their tasks and return home, they instead want to reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, feel valued in their job position and become an integrate part of the company’s culture.

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Invoice Management Software Benefits and Facts

One of the keys to running a successful small business is the ability to efficiently handle account receivables, which is very important to providing a constant revenue stream for small businesses. There are a variety of aspects related to operating and maintaining good accounts receivables such as accounting software for keeping accurate financial records.

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork


A popular method that many small businesses are using currently to help with maintaining and running an efficient accounts receivable component is by using invoice management software. In general invoice management software works in conjunction with accounting software or as a stand-alone software application to provide small businesses with a way of keeping accurate and up-to-date billing data regarding its customers.


Businesses can access all invoicing data through the computer system to make sure that all invoices are monitored, sent to customers, paid, and properly recorded. In addition with the ability to handle invoices through invoice management software, small businesses can have many benefits related to business operations. These benefits include:


 1. A noticeable improvement regarding accounts receivables.



 2. A significant reduction in past due invoices.


 3. A significant increase in accounts receivables revenue.


 4. A reduction in unpaid invoices.


 5. A better internal understanding of business invoice processes and operations.


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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Increasing Productivity

Even when everything seems like it’s going along swimmingly, there’s perhaps always room for the small business owner to increase productivity. After all, the ultimate aim is to realise some growth in your business and perhaps one day proudly refer to it as a business which has evolved into a medium-sized or big business. Granted, the production output your business generates is primarily dictated to by the demand in the market, but improving productivity isn’t always explicitly tied to yielding bigger productions. What increased or improved productivity can mean for your business is something like discovering a cheaper way of producing the same output for instance, or perhaps a faster way without adding anything to the overheads. Efficiency is the name of the game and it can come in the slightest of forms, such as maybe having some of your manual labourers being able to achieve their tasks with less effort, which can have some lasting impacts in the long run. Continue reading »

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Working With Head Hunters

Whether you’re hiring or angling to get noticed for your next great leap forward, you may well find yourself working with head hunters. If you’re looking for a quantum leap away from your current job and into one that’s more in line with your skills, experience and aspirations, getting noticed by an executive recruitment firm like Savannah Group is your best bet.

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