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Author: Peter

The Ultimate 9-5 Escape Plan

In some countries it’s referred to as an eight-to-four job, well because those are the hours the white collar workers typically work, so too some of the blue collar workers who work the day-shift, but either way, escaping your 9-to-5 job will be a lot easier than you might first think if your approach is right. I don’t care how “fulfilling” your job is or how much you can claim to enjoy it, but if somebody offered to pay you the exact same salary you currently get and the no-strings-attached offer totally freed you from having to come into work, you would take them up on that offer, wouldn’t you?

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Tips For Finding The Right Employees For Your Business

When you’re running a business you need to make sure you have the right staff. Finding the right employees for any kind of business can often be a challenge and you may find yourself going through a revolving door of them at times. Some people work simply because they need to make money to live, but they have no passion for the job.


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Learning the Game of Selling

Many companies that sell their products and services to customers often fail to realise that their employees lack the dedication and motivation that it takes to reach a certain goal by the end of the month. Any employer who intends to increase the level of productivity taking place within business must ensure that their employees are offered some incentives to increase their motivation. Continue reading »

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Turning Free WiFi Into Pounds

The start-up capital required, operational costs and overheads of running a web-based business may be low in comparison to starting a physical business, but by no means are the costs at absolute zero. There are indeed some costs involved and I mention operating an online business as a means through which to turn free Wi-Fi access into pounds because that’s ultimately what it comes down to. Continue reading »

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Should you invest in property or shares?

Investing is a popular financial pastime, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Not only can it be an exciting project, but it can also offer the opportunity to make a significant profit in the long term. But simply choosing to invest our money is not enough. We also need to decide which avenue we will invest our finances into. For many people, this is a choice between investing in shares and investing in property.

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Elliot Wave Theory – The secret to Successful Trading

Elliot Wave Principle is a theory about mass psychology that is applied to financial markets. This principle suggests that mass psychology is swinging from pessimism to optimism in a cyclical and therefore predictable wave pattern. This pattern is seen in price movements. Continue reading »

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Learning to See and Seize Opportunity

Business lessons of success come from so many different sources, many of which are otherwise really the unlikeliest of sources. But then again I guess that’s what separates entrepreneurs and business persons from the rest — their ability to spot opportunity where none seems to be forthcoming, particularly entrepreneurs. Continue reading »

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