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The Illusion of Control in Trading

To what extent does anyone of us really control his life?  Nothing is preordained and especially at a time such as this, the unexpected is always on the cards.  We all yearn, well most of us anyway, for certainty; for knowing what will be today, and the day after and so on…but how often does this happen. Think about domestic life and how often those “best laid plans” come metaphorically crashing down. You book a holiday and the kids are ill. You plan a journey and someone somewhere goes on strike and holds you up or prevents you from travelling. As the old joke goes, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

What do we mean by the illusion of control? It literally implies people having far too complacent about their ability to control the eventualities over which they really have no right to say they can master.  It is highly dangerous to imagine that any sensible person would approach the technique of trading on the markets feeling that they know everything that is going to transpire, working on a predetermined plan that is so rigid that it allows no flexibility whatsoever. Thus the immense contrast between a marketplace which is invariably uncertain and unstable and a desire for absolute certainty and reassurance


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