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5 Ways to Business Travel Solo Without Going Alone

Travelling solo has always been a hot topic. Unlike “single(s)”, this is a larger group. This may include unattached individuals, married or with a significant partner/couple. You can be an entrepreneur who wants to add a holiday weekend or an extension of a work trip. Two obstacles can be encountered by solo travellers: If it is a solitary holiday like “a group” and if eating alone, especially dinner is really unpleasant.

For those that are not so independent and do not wish for the complexity of planning a vacation, companies such as Logitravel can simplify a lot for any traveler.

  1. Cruises on the river and small boat cruises

I recommend river cruises and small boats. They are particularly suitable for a first solo traveller. In two cases, however, they are also ideal for very experienced solos travellers. Destinations such as Cambodian ship villages are not easy to reach. Secondly, they work well in places where security is a problem.

Here are the main advantages of these rivers and small boats for solo travellers:

Gives you alone time, but a group for excursions and meals.

Maybe priced competitively compared to a fragmented approach

Make unpacking one task at a time

Works well with land packs.

Often price packages are low, including flights.

  1. Choose your accommodation and Make day excursions

Here are the main advantages of this independent approach:

This gives you the opportunity to choose your own interests and your style of travel.

It offers more opportunities for interaction with local residents.

Get an “off-day” when you need it.

Works with different budgets.

  1. Combine the two above approaches

This combined approach puts you in the driver’s seat and:

You can establish your own course while you choose freely

It gives you a group of part-time travel companions, but also time alone

Allows you to follow a budget that suits you

  1. Register in advance for a class abroad

This is now very popular for cooking classes in France and Italy. However, foreign language courses have been attracting students to short or full summer programs for decades. There are also options for photography, skiing and diving.

Here are the main benefits of this approach.

It gives you a finite group.

It gives you a local contact to know what you should not miss on the tourist route.

Possible Contact and connect with classmates for meals or visits.

Results by providing local contacts in case of emergency.

  1. Join a group of volunteers or exchange program

It is the best way to learn about the daily life of another country and participate in community activities.

The benefits are infinite. They include:

Meeting the locals outside the typical tourist route.

Seeing distant and often more unusual spots

Volunteer for communities experiencing natural disasters or other hardships.

If you are starting the solo trip, review each of these options. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can travel and find new friends from all over the world to make you feel like you’re solo to more!

Choosing an Office Space: Corporate versus Characterful

One classic literary trope is to use settings to create an atmosphere, and evoke certain feelings and emotions. Gothic horror stories always take place in dilapidated, grey stone mansions, whilst chick flicks are set against a backdrop of Georgian town houses and cosy cottages. The reason for this is simple: it is grounded in reality.


One of the key tools used by visitors to assess the status and personality of homeowners and business owners is the appearance of a property. Streamlined modern skyscrapers and workplaces made of glass are associated with the young and ambitious, whilst black and white Tudor conversions are a symbol of respectability, trustworthiness, and honest dealings.


This all means one thing: when it comes to choosing a business property, appearance is key. But which style is better suited to your enterprise: a dazzling corporate workspace or a characterful conversion?


What Image Do You Want to Project?

When it comes to making decisions about the personality of your business property, the best place to start is by sitting down and thinking about the image that you want to project. In the world of enterprise, image is everything, so staying ‘on brand’ is really important. Sleek, modern buildings, for example, are highly evocative of fast-moving, competitive commercial enterprises, whilst a more characterful domestic conversion is better suited to businesses that are slightly slower paced, with a need to project an air of reliability and trustworthiness.

modern office

What Facilities Do You Require?

Another important consideration is the facilities that your business will require. As a rule, corporate offices tend to be located in new builds, which are ideally set-up for the installation of high-end computing equipment. Characterful properties, on the other hand, are often older, meaning that they’re not always optimised for intricate technological usage. Although there are some exceptions to the rule, it’s really important to make sure that properties fit your purposes before you sign on the dotted line.

break room

Will You Need a Serviced Property?

When it comes to choosing the perfect commercial location, a final point to consider is whether or not you’ll require a serviced office. Many characterful properties are domestic conversions, which means that they’re usually smaller and privately managed. Thus, they are often self-contained, and cleaning and front of house responsibilities are left in your hands. As you would imagine, this means that there are far more corporate locations offering a serviced set-up, and there is a greater likelihood that these will meet more discerning needs.


Where will you choose to locate your offices?


Décor ideas for making a perfect home office


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Solid Advice For New Business Owners

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How To Turn Your Love Of Art Into A Career

Whether you are the artist or you just love art, there are many things you can do to turn that love or talent into an actual career. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body but you enjoy art, you can make money with that passion.

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Business Tips For Beginning Entrepreneurs

Individuals who decide to build their own path through life have every opportunity to succeed.  Success is a state of mind, and education is the sword to fight all battles.  While passion and raw talent are powerful influences upon success, entrepreneurs must equip themselves with a more diverse scope of knowledge before jumping into the choppy waters of a startup operation.  

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Air Freight For Better Business

Speed is everything in business. Whether it’s speed of getting a deal done, speed of purchase or simply speed of transportation, speed gets you ahead of the game and ahead of the competition. It’s what could stand you out from the rest of your rivals. Think about it. If your product takes days to arrive whilst your competitor’s takes weeks, chances are the customer will be swayed towards using your company. It’s certainly something to think about and with a steady decrease in air freight price, it’s also a legitimate option for a small business which means they can now compete with much larger companies in the same industry. Let’s have a look at some of the overall advantages of using air freight as opposed to another form of transportation.


air freight



It goes without saying that a plane is obviously faster than a large cargo ship. What you must work out before hand is whether you’d prefer to use air freight which is indeed faster but has limited capacity or us a cargo ship where you can transport far more but at the expense of time. If it’s simply speed you’re after however, air freight wins every time.


ship freighter



Now days most forms of logistical transport is pretty secure but with air freight, it’s usually far more secure than using a cargo ship for instance. Sometimes cargo containers get misplaced and lost track of when getting unloaded off a ship or even lost due to bad weather at sea. This is certainly not a problem with air freight because the capacity is far smaller and the goods you’re transporting will usually be much less than if you’re using a ship.




This isn’t reliability as relates to breakages of the machines and equipment, but more to do to with keeping on schedule with delivery times and dates. Air freight is far less likely to suffer delays and if there are delays, it’s usually a matter of hours at a time, which isn’t a massive problem. With ocean freight however, it can be quite common for shipments to arrive a day or even days late due to poor weather and unforeseen circumstances. If you want a better chance of your goods arriving on time, it’s probably best to stick to air freight!

So next time you’re thinking about using a logistics company for transporting your business’s goods, instead of going for the cargo ship, look towards air freight and see if it fits your business needs better.