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Start-up businesses: the advantages of print marketing

Launching a business is rarely cheap or easy, and getting your brand known to your audience and competing with others in your industry can be tough. If you want to make your company a success from the start, you need a solid marketing campaign.

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Digital Signage Displays Create Engagement

Digital signage displays can improve customer experience. Marketers know that improving customer experience unlocks more sales and higher revenues. Recent research from Gartner says that product or service price doesn’t directly correlate to customer loyalty. Customers experience is an essential business differentiator today. Continue reading »

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Turning Free WiFi Into Pounds

The start-up capital required, operational costs and overheads of running a web-based business may be low in comparison to starting a physical business, but by no means are the costs at absolute zero. There are indeed some costs involved and I mention operating an online business as a means through which to turn free Wi-Fi access into pounds because that’s ultimately what it comes down to. Continue reading »

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3 Marketing Tips to Successfully Reach A Female Demographic


For businesses that are actively marketing to a female demographic, strategies and tactics can and should vary from general marketing ploys. In fact, the better you understand women and what they want, the better you can cater your marketing and advertising to their specific temperaments. However, not everyone has a crystal clear picture of what women want when it comes to making consumer decisions. So to help those looking to reach a female demographic with their product or service, here are three marketing tips to get you there. Continue reading »

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4 Tips To Spike The Quality of Your Business’s Web Presence

How much of your business relies on face-to-face contact? And how much of your business relies on your office or your brick and mortar location? And then, how much of your business relies on people searching for products or services online? Once you know what those splits are, you quickly realize how important the web presence aspect is, and why you should take steps to prioritize the quality of online client experience.

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Why 2015 Might Be The Best Year for Internet Marketing

Word Cloud "Web Marketing"

2015 was a big year for the internet marketing field, with many exciting innovations to keep developers abuzz. In fact, it’s safe to say that if you invested in this industry this year, you probably saw some big gains in the past few months. Continue reading »

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Marketing To Your Maximum Audience

In the internet age, it may seem that marketing is easier than ever, but the truth is that the Internet is flooded with so many various products and services that you may be lost in the crowd. Continue reading »

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