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How can you keep your employees satisfied? Results from the latest study

Most adults spend the majority of their time in the workplace rather than anywhere else. Different to a couple of decades ago, many employees do not want to simply go to work, complete their tasks and return home, they instead want to reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, feel valued in their job position and become an integrate part of the company’s culture.

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Fun Team-Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

There’s no doubt about the importance of organising team-building events every so often to get your employees refreshed on working as a team and formulating strong workplace bonds with each other, but team building is even more important to assimilate new employees, integrate them and make them feel like they’re part of the team. Team building events and the exercises forming part of proceedings are becoming outdated and boring however, which in itself isn’t really a bad thing. The problem is outdated and boring corporate team building events lose their gist and don’t quite deliver on their intended purpose of constructing good working relationships between all the members of your team expected to work together. Continue reading »

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How workplace stress can lead to severe issues

The problem of stress among employees is one that is too often overlooked. Workers are expected to just get on with it and adapt to the pressures of the job. However, if these pressures are unnecessarily harsh there are simple steps that can be taken to reduce them, with beneficial effects in terms of productivity, profit and morale.

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Offsetting the Cost of Staff Breaks

It’s a natural inclination for employers to keep a very close eye on their finances, whether you’re a growing enterprise with a steadily growing staff or indeed if you’re a well established company that even has a multi-layered recruitment structure. Either way, some of the costs associated with running an organisation driven by employees are not so obvious, such as the cost of staff breaks. Taking a look at Paper cup and disposable catering specialist, Inn Supplies’ breakdown of the costs, employers can then make adequate plans to offset the cost of staff breaks, which can otherwise run into some rather concerning figures if left unchecked. Continue reading »

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Why you should be practicing philanthropy

Companies are always interested in ideas that make good business sense. They invest millions of dollars in marketing, research and development and technology upgrades to launch new products that help in improving profitability and increasing the company’s market share.


The benefits of philanthropy to a business can sometimes be a little more subtle, but the results are equally tangible and real. For some companies, the act of giving is a one-off exercise often done for media mileage, or maybe even as a tax write-off.


Yet, in today’s competitive environment, companies that embrace philanthropy as a core business philosophy reap far-reaching and consistent rewards. Philanthropy, corporate volunteering and employee giving are essential business tools today.


Philanthropy is good for the company


While companies are in business to make money, a corporate vision beyond this basic goal gives the company a broader sense of purpose. Embracing the vision of giving back to the community can help in revitalizing the energy levels within the company.


When a company builds itself around a larger mission, it infuses that passion into its products, services, employees, customers and shareholders. This passion manifests itself in innovation and creativity, which leads to business growth.


Giving leads to employee engagement

business charity


All successful companies realise the importance of engaging employees in the core mission of the business. Today’s employees want more than just a pay check at the end of the month. Employees want to engage with the company’s initiatives and to see their efforts produce results, for both the company and the community at large. This is the core of employee engagement.


Increasingly, knowledge workers make up a large part of the corporate workforce. These young, inspired and engaged workers are exponentially more productive than someone just doing their job. The younger employees value engagement at work more than their peers from previous generations.

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3 Types of Ties Perfect for Business Casual

At first, achieving a business casual look sounds relatively easy, but it can be deceptively tricky to walk the line between traditional business wear and relaxed attire. Going too far in either direction can make you look either too uptight or too relaxed, so it’s natural to stress a little over the details.

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Business Security: Protecting Your Store From Crime

If you’re a business owner, then you know the importance of protecting yourself from crime and criminal intent. There are a few different platforms on which crime can occur, so it’s best to have at least a basic understanding of all of them to protect your investments and free yourself from anxiety.

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