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Category: Leadership and Management

4 Things that are Detrimental to Productivity in Your Company

Efficient workflow throughout your company is what keeps your business running smoothly. A lack of productivity will seriously affect that workflow, and ultimately, your bottom line. With that in mind, here are a few things that may be impacting the productivity of your employees and how to resolve them.

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The Robe Don’t Run the Show Alone: 3 Legal Positions Other Than a Judge

In the courtroom, there is a balancing act that few understand the workings of. Like a car, the process of law doesn’t work well without all the parts. In the world of enforcing the rules, the judge usually gets the bulk of the attention since he/she is the one who ultimately decides the fate of the case at hand.

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Why Brits Love Owning Their Own Businesses

Many people across the U.K. dream of being their own boss and owning their own business, but starting up a company can make for a cause for the kind of financial stress and operational worries you’d otherwise not have to worry about as an employee. There were 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK by the end of 2016, up 2% from 2015, according to business statistics compiled by House of Commons Library

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How can you keep your employees satisfied? Results from the latest study

Most adults spend the majority of their time in the workplace rather than anywhere else. Different to a couple of decades ago, many employees do not want to simply go to work, complete their tasks and return home, they instead want to reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, feel valued in their job position and become an integrate part of the company’s culture.

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How much you’re paying your employees not to work

Each of your employees will work a standard 40 hours per week, unless they are part-time. However, just how much of this do they actually work? Retailer of paper cups Inn Supplies has done the sums to work out just how much non-working time you pay your employees for—and how much you pay them for it? Continue reading »

Business Travel Smarts: Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

Even the most hardened business traveler has to admit it: there are times when you just wish you were somewhere else. Some of the negative aspects of travel, when you are at the mercy of airlines and the elements, are unavoidable. But sometimes you can get into the habit of accepting inconveniences which could, with a little care, be bypassed.

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The potential ramifications of Brexit on personal injury claims

March 2019 is the expected date that the UK will sever all ties with the EU. Already, we have such uncertainty throughout our economic and political sectors that it’s difficult to determine how this divorce will affect key areas of law and business. Continue reading »