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Online casinos as a business

We all know what the world’s oldest profession is, but let’s not get to that this time. Online casinos aren’t that old per se, but they certainly have concepts that have been used centuries ago. Gambling and gaming has always been integrated to human mind, no matter the era. Chinese soldiers have for example gambled over thousands of years ago already (Keno).

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The Benefits of Regular Workplace Cleaning Services

As a business owner, the cleanliness of your workplace is probably a long way down your list of priorities each day, but maintaining a clean and tidy office is an extremely important part of running a successful business.

Whilst it’s normal for entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on the costs of commercial cleaning services for their business, they should be thinking about what they could stand to gain by keeping their workplace clean. There is no doubt that it does cost money to hire a professional cleaning company, however, a clean office environment is an investment that can pay for itself many times over in the long run when you consider some of the benefits of regular workplace cleaning services

Better employee wellbeing and health

On average, employees spend around 8 hours a day at work. This means that most people spend almost as much time at work as they do at home. As a result, it’s important to ensure that their working environment is kept clean, uncluttered and well-maintained to ensure that employees can be efficient and productive and feel comfortable and happy in their jobs.

In contrast, dirty, dusty and cluttered work areas can pull attention away from the tasks at hand and can adversely affect morale and engagement amongst workers. It is also important to consider that an unclean work environment can contribute to increased staff sick days as a result of the spread of germs. By investing in a regular commercial cleaning service, businesses can stand to maintain good employee wellbeing, morale and productivity, whilst reducing sick days for physical illness and mental health reasons.

Better first impressions

A clean, tidy and organised work environment helps to offer a warmer welcome to visitors and potential clients. A clean appearance for your reception area and office helps to instil confidence in your company by suggesting that efficiency and attention to detail are important to you.

On the other hand, stained carpets and dirty walls can have the opposite effect, suggesting that your business lacks the care and to create a clean working environment for employees, let alone the professionalism to look after a new client.

It’s also important to consider that happier and productive employees can also contribute towards a positive first impression of a business. A clean office is just one way to achieve higher levels of morale and productivity to create a great representation of a business.

Protecting assets in your building

Commercial cleaning services help to increase the longevity of assets such as furniture, carpets, floors, tile surfaces and important office equipment such as computers. By reducing excessive wear and tear, regular cleaning helps to save money by preventing the need for regular repairs or replacements.

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MCS Cleaning Services specialise in commercial cleaning for just about every business and public sector, from office cleaning and washroom services, to complete factory cleaning services. To find out how MCS Cleaning Services can benefit your business and arrange a cleaning plan with your local branch, please call the MCS team today on 0800 612 0437.

Why Web-Based Business Owners Need to Diversify Offline

Unless you’re in the business of providing marketing, advertising and technical products and services to other web-based businesses, if you operate an online business you need to diversify offline for a number of reasons.

Profitable web-based income streams are rapidly dynamic

Unless you’ve managed to capture a really large market, not even necessarily as a pioneer, you would be fully aware of the fact that the most profitable online business models are those which operate on a structure that is based on generating advertising revenue. Whether you’re selling products or services yourself directly, as an affiliate or if you’re selling advertising in the purest sense, it’s about getting a core business model right. Now, the fact that this business model typically exists in the digital space means that any team of programmers with enough willpower to do so can clone it within a very short space of time, thereby eating into your pioneering market share or completely changing the game to take business away from you directly.

So it’s important to diversify offline.

It’s just good business practice to diversify into something more “tangible”

Even the best of web-based businesses can essentially be cloned in some way, so to avoid losing capital value in the event that you may one day need to sell, it makes good business sense to diversify into something more tangible, offline.

You create more “tangible” assets when diversifying offline

This just builds on from the previous section – there is indeed more value in assets which exist physically, like perhaps your web-based company owning some buildings which will be recognised as actual value in the eyes of some relevant power figures who may not otherwise be able to reconcile any value with something like a website.

The virtual world is but just an extension of the physical world

When you realise that the virtual world of online business is in actual fact just an extension of the physical world, it will make more obvious sense why there’s a need to diversify offline. Certain business decisions will then be easier to make, such as how if you perhaps have your own servers housed somewhere you can decide to save energy and money by implementing the use of solar panels to power up the infrastructure.

Websites are digital, yes, but without physical servers somewhere, they really don’t exist…

Online advertising and marketing is a full-time job

This goes back to the discussion of the type of online business you’re running, and if you’re not in the business of providing online marketing and advertising products and services, you will fall short in this department. The fact that leading SEO service providers such as Assertive Media exist and operate on a dedicated, specialist level, says a lot about what’s required to keep abreast of what it takes to stay relevant so that you can keep bringing in an income.

So, when you diversify offline then you can focus on the core operations of what directly affects your bottom line and leave the specialised web-based marketing to the experts.

The 7 Habits of Successful Salespeople: Can You Learn to Sell Better?

Successful salespeople possess some habits that add up to big success. Have you been wondering how to become a successful sales person? In this article, we feature 7 Habits of Successful Salespeople that you can also learn, helping you to sell better. Lets rock and roll!

1. They Always Take Notes

Most people will forget what was discussed in the meeting minutes after walking out of the board room. However, successful salespeople will counter this by ensuring they take notes that help them remember what they discussed months after the meeting. It feels embarrassing when you cannot remember customers’ appointment or their orders after your meeting with them. To avoid such disconcerting moments, carry a notepad with you to every meeting and take enough notes.

2. They have a Positive Attitude Towards Technology

In today’s fast-changing sales strategies, it’s important that salespeople take advantage of technology-based sales resources. Technology has revolutionized sales management as seen in the introduction of enhanced sales software, and more companies and organizations have embraced it. For instance, Spiro utilizes the power of AI for improving sales. Successful salespeople take advantage of technology to improve their sales potential.

3. They Handle Customer Complaints Effectively

No matter how effective and reliable you are to your customers, you will always have new complaints. Successful salespeople practice easy steps for handling complaining customers ensuring they don’t lose a penny as a result of such complaints.

4. Successful Salespeople Put Themselves in their Customers Shoes

Basically, to make a sale, you can afford to focus on the payoff. Salespeople focus on understanding how they can make the customer feel satisfied. Through making themselves a friend of the prospect, they are able to create a win-win situation. When your customer is satisfied, he or she is more likely to recommend your products or services to friends and family.

5. Effective Salespeople Trust the Product They are Selling

For an easier selling experience, it is advisable that you first trust in the product that you are selling. Most successful salespeople will feel excited about and want to sell the products that they already trust. Without first establishing the trust for the product, you will not be able to easily sell the product to your target clients.

6. They Have Mastered the Art of Following-Up

Do you have a follow-up plan? Successful salespersons will effectively follow-up with a lead after the initial proposal has been made. Basically, they understand the critical importance of sales follow-ups in sales. By taking up the time to follow-up, you increase the chances of converting the prospect into a buying customer.

7. Effective Salespeople Always Keep their Commitments

Top sales personnel understand the importance of trust in sales and in any business relationship. Whenever they make promises to prospects and existing clients, they see to it that the promise is fulfilled. This reinforces to their clients that they can be trusted business partners.

Successful salespeople will never give up even when they feel downright depressed by prospects and existing customers. By practicing the above seven habits of successful salespeople, you can sell better.

The Ultimate 9-5 Escape Plan

In some countries it’s referred to as an eight-to-four job, well because those are the hours the white collar workers typically work, so too some of the blue collar workers who work the day-shift, but either way, escaping your 9-to-5 job will be a lot easier than you might first think if your approach is right. I don’t care how “fulfilling” your job is or how much you can claim to enjoy it, but if somebody offered to pay you the exact same salary you currently get and the no-strings-attached offer totally freed you from having to come into work, you would take them up on that offer, wouldn’t you?

If you wouldn’t then you can legitimately claim to really love your job to the point that you would keep going into work even when you really don’t need the money. Anyway, here is the ultimate 9-5 escape plan.

Look closer to home

Sure, you might have signed a non-compete clause which essentially prevents you from competing directly with your employers, but that only legally covers direct competition. Look closer to home when seeking to escape your nine-to-five, because that’s where you can be sure to observe existing systems which are proven to work and perhaps find your own place in the market, where you can create some value which you can then sell.

Use your expertise to create sellable value

If for example you’re working in the financial sector, even perhaps as someone who takes more of an administrative role that has them operating away from the direct sales mechanisms, you should use the expertise you have as a means through which to try and escape your miserable 9-5. It’s nowhere near making for insider trading if for instance you’re a banker and you open up a CFD trading account through which to play the markets and try and make yourself some good money on the side.

You wouldn’t want to be trading forever though, so you could perhaps create a video series or publish some e-books about your successes (and failures) as a newly-minted CFD trader, then you can proceed to sell that value.

Scale up your operation

Once you’ve found some value which actually proves to sell, the next port of call is scaling up your operation. This is where it just becomes about numbers and it sure beats having to go into work every morning and then slaving away for a pay-cheque which you get in exchange for your time.

Wrap up

So escaping the firm clutches of your nine-to-five job ultimately comes down to one process, which is that of making the transition from someone who exchanges their time for money into someone who creates value that can be sold without the need for them to get directly involved all the time. Start where you are with what you have, because looking too far out will only serve to distract you, plus you’d be missing out on an opportunity to proceed with the aid of a system you’re familiar with and a system which is tried and tested, and proven to work.

The new iPhone XR: is it worth buying for business use?

Smartphones are no stranger to the business environment and may have even become one of the most dependable tools to have in your workplace. But your priorities when choosing a smartphone for business use might not be quite the same as they are when you are looking to purchase a smartphone for personal use.

September gave us the launch of Apple’s iPhone XR, a new iPhone with a host of exciting features at an attractive budget-friendly cost. Here is a rundown of the iPhone XR’s features and whether it is worth buying for business purposes.

The display

The iPhone XR features a 6.1-inch LCD display, as opposed to the 6.5-inch display of the iPhone XS Max. However, this display is larger than the 5.8-inch OLED display on the iPhone XS. What’s more, Apple proudly boasts of the XR’s Liquid Retina display being the most advanced and colour-accurate LCD in the industry – one that makes everything the user sees on the screen seem true to life.

This is great for business use, as it allows you more screen room with which to read emails and surf the web. On top of this, it makes opening business documents easier, allowing any business designs, images or graphics to be shown to impressive effect.

Security is guaranteed

Many of your employees may rely on their smartphone for work. These devices’ advanced technology makes checking emails, accessing documents and instant face-to-face communication a breeze. However, relying on your smartphone for business can pose a security risk.

With its TrueDepth camera system, the iPhone XR offers secure facial authentication that not only unlocks your phone, but allows you to sign into apps and accounts as well as make payments. For business use, this feature is vital in keeping corporate data secure. So, you can feel reassured in the knowledge that your company’s data won’t be leaked.

Dual-SIM feature for increased connectivity

Like the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR offers a dual-SIM feature. This means your iPhone XR can have two SIMs operating at the same time – a huge advantage for business. Having two SIM cards in your iPhone lets you have two phone numbers at the same time, meaning business phone numbers can be used from your smartphone. With the hosted VoIP service offered by Planet Numbers, workers’ mobiles can be integrated with the office system to increase connectivity and availability.

Powerful performance

Another draw to the iPhone XR is that it is more powerful than other smartphone brands such as Android phones, as reported by Forbes. With the A12 Bionic chip, the iPhone XR gives you graphics up to 50% faster, and power efficiency with 50% lower power usage. If you find that you work a lot from your work phone, the iPhone XR could be worth investing in. Its superior A12 Bionic chip provides performance levels that keep up with you and your business needs.


The iPhone XR retains a lot of Apple’s best features for a lower asking price, making it a great cost-effective business tool worth buying. With its significantly powerful performance and longer battery usage, the XR model makes a great choice for practical business use.

Separating Great Business Gas Providers from the Rest of the Pack

Looking for the right gas provider for your business can be a very involved process. While some people are content to choose from a list of competitive providers so long as they have low rates, it isn’t only about comparing gas prices. It’s also about understanding why you would choose that particular gas provider compared to others. After all, when there are so many different providers out there all vying for your attention and business, it pays to be thorough.

Watch out for certification

Before beginning, it’s essential that you first ensure the supplier has certification in your area. You’d be surprised how many instances there have been of consumers being unaware that their supplier isn’t certified and still going through with it anyway. Minimise the risk entirely by ensuring the supplier is licensed to work in your area before continuing with anything else. Gas – Utility Bidder is also available, and invaluable in helping those having difficulty making the right choice of natural gas supplier.

Set expectations early

Are you aware of what you want out of your provider? For example, there are differences in rates as well as term length in the eventual contract. A fixed rate will have a price that is not subject to change, even if the natural gas market dips or grows. On the other hand, a variable rate will change alongside the aforementioned market value. Both of these rates have their pros and cons, though the variable rate is a little riskier as it depends on the value of natural gas.

Aside from the rates, you also need to consider the overall length. Considering that you need a natural gas supplier for your business, a year long-term or even a multi-year deal would likely be preferable. However, not every company is the same. If you’re interested in shorter terms, ensure that the supplier you’re going for has these terms available.

Social media can tell a lot about your chosen supplier

Before finally selecting the supplier of natural gas for your business, it would be prudent to check their social media account first. A gas provider can have all the terms and the rates that you want, but if they have a reputation for terrible customer service – you’ll be in for a miserable time. By checking their social media account, you’ll be able to see from their supporters and reviewers how well they take care of their customers. This is optional, and you don’t necessarily need customer service to get the terms you want.

Remember that it always pays to be cautious when it comes to choosing an energy provider for your business. It’s an important decision and one that will require some effort to accomplish. A rash and half-hearted choice will only lead to regret as the bills grow beyond what you initially expected. However, following this guide will help minimise the overall risk.