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How Can Cloud Computing Improve Time Management?

You don’t exactly need to have your ear to the ground to know that cloud computing has caught on in a big way. With so many advantages on offer and a relatively easy migration process, moving your business to the cloud makes a whole lot of sense, and it’s particularly beneficial for small and medium sized businesses that tend to struggle with their time management.

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You Don’t Have To Be The Boss To Help The Business Succeed

Even if you simply consider your job a job and your heart isn’t always in it, your boss can use your help. If you consider your position a career, and you want to get ahead, there’s nothing better that you can do than to help your boss succeed. No matter what, how your boss does on the job is a reflection of your entire department. Continue reading »

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6 Skills To Look Out For When Hiring A Leader

Regardless of the size of your organisation or the type of business you are involved in, the quality of your leadership determines how well your company performs. Effective leaders know how to lead their organisations to greatness by empowering their teams. This means that good leaders can help a company find lasting success. Continue reading »

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Fun Team-Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

There’s no doubt about the importance of organising team-building events every so often to get your employees refreshed on working as a team and formulating strong workplace bonds with each other, but team building is even more important to assimilate new employees, integrate them and make them feel like they’re part of the team. Team building events and the exercises forming part of proceedings are becoming outdated and boring however, which in itself isn’t really a bad thing. The problem is outdated and boring corporate team building events lose their gist and don’t quite deliver on their intended purpose of constructing good working relationships between all the members of your team expected to work together. Continue reading »

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Business Travel Smarts: Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

Even the most hardened business traveler has to admit it: there are times when you just wish you were somewhere else. Some of the negative aspects of travel, when you are at the mercy of airlines and the elements, are unavoidable. But sometimes you can get into the habit of accepting inconveniences which could, with a little care, be bypassed.

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Reducing the Risk of Sewer Flooding in Batemoor and Lowedges

Batemoor and Lowedges in Sheffield will benefit from better protection from sewer flooding once Yorkshire Water’s investment scheme has finished in the next few months. Continue reading »

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4 Things that are Detrimental to Productivity in Your Company

Efficient workflow throughout your company is what keeps your business running smoothly. A lack of productivity will seriously affect that workflow, and ultimately, your bottom line. With that in mind, here are a few things that may be impacting the productivity of your employees and how to resolve them.

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