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Educational routes for manufacturing and engineering

As one of the biggest contributors towards the UK economy, it is important that the engineering and manufacturing sector prepares a solid foundation for its future workforce. In 2014, the industry contributed an estimated £455.6 billion to the Gross Domestic Product. This accounted for 27% of the total UK GDP. On top of that, the sector also holds around 5.7 million jobs in the UK, which is 19% of employment for the whole of the UK. Continue reading »

Adding That Professional Feel to Your Product or Service

When you decide to fully immerse yourself into the world of entrepreneurship and just being your boss, doing your own thing, you lose a lot of friends along the way, particularly those who just aren’t in tune with the life you choose. It’s not all doom and gloom however because as much as you lose a lot of friends, you gain quite a few as well.

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How can you keep your employees satisfied? Results from the latest study

Most adults spend the majority of their time in the workplace rather than anywhere else. Different to a couple of decades ago, many employees do not want to simply go to work, complete their tasks and return home, they instead want to reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, feel valued in their job position and become an integrate part of the company’s culture.

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Building a Happy Team


The key to a successful office team is employee happiness. If they are not feeling engaged, motivated and valued at work, then happiness levels dwindle quickly – as does productivity.

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Fun Team-Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

There’s no doubt about the importance of organising team-building events every so often to get your employees refreshed on working as a team and formulating strong workplace bonds with each other, but team building is even more important to assimilate new employees, integrate them and make them feel like they’re part of the team. Team building events and the exercises forming part of proceedings are becoming outdated and boring however, which in itself isn’t really a bad thing. The problem is outdated and boring corporate team building events lose their gist and don’t quite deliver on their intended purpose of constructing good working relationships between all the members of your team expected to work together. Continue reading »

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The potential ramifications of Brexit on personal injury claims

March 2019 is the expected date that the UK will sever all ties with the EU. Already, we have such uncertainty throughout our economic and political sectors that it’s difficult to determine how this divorce will affect key areas of law and business. Continue reading »

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Offsetting the Cost of Staff Breaks

It’s a natural inclination for employers to keep a very close eye on their finances, whether you’re a growing enterprise with a steadily growing staff or indeed if you’re a well established company that even has a multi-layered recruitment structure. Either way, some of the costs associated with running an organisation driven by employees are not so obvious, such as the cost of staff breaks. Taking a look at Paper cup and disposable catering specialist, Inn Supplies’ breakdown of the costs, employers can then make adequate plans to offset the cost of staff breaks, which can otherwise run into some rather concerning figures if left unchecked. Continue reading »

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