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Work productivity and uniform — are they related?

Over time, it seems as though work attire has become more casual. At one time, when we would picture a nine-to-five worker, an image of someone in a smart suit and briefcase would spring to mind. But, times have changed. In fact, many companies are happy to let their employees dress in business casual attire or what they feel comfortable in. Is it affecting productivity, though?

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Benefits of becoming a financial market trading entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur means that you get to combine your passion with that of capital gain. According to one of the top financial analysts at Jones Mutual, more and more individuals are opting for entrepreneurship rather than working for an employer. With that said, not all entrepreneurial ventures are profitable and don’t offer individuals a sustainable income. However, if you choose to trade on the financial markets, becoming an entrepreneur will give you both financial freedom and provide you with a way to grow your trading business. So, what are the benefits of becoming a financial market trading entrepreneur? Continue reading »

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Educational routes for manufacturing and engineering

As one of the biggest contributors towards the UK economy, it is important that the engineering and manufacturing sector prepares a solid foundation for its future workforce. In 2014, the industry contributed an estimated £455.6 billion to the Gross Domestic Product. This accounted for 27% of the total UK GDP. On top of that, the sector also holds around 5.7 million jobs in the UK, which is 19% of employment for the whole of the UK. Continue reading »

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Intelligent ways for managers to save on fleet fuel

Fuel costs account for about 30 percent of your fleet’s total cost of operation, so it makes a lot of sense to train your drivers to manage the vehicles more effectively to minimize your bills as much possible. Continue reading »

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Business Travel Smarts: Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

Even the most hardened business traveler has to admit it: there are times when you just wish you were somewhere else. Some of the negative aspects of travel, when you are at the mercy of airlines and the elements, are unavoidable. But sometimes you can get into the habit of accepting inconveniences which could, with a little care, be bypassed.

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Running a “Multi-National” Business from Your Laptop

It’s finally upon us – and has in fact been upon us for quite a while now – the age when it’s totally possible to run an entire “multinational” business from a mere laptop. More people are doing it than you may be fully aware of and it’s a particularly common practice among those businesses which don’t rely too much on on-site, physical man-power. Thanks in large part to the internet, you may be sitting in one country just marvelling at the global footprint a certain multinational business seems to enjoy, yet if you were to physically follow the path of their production line, you’d be quite shocked or even delighted to learn that it’s something you could very well be doing yourself, on your own at that. Continue reading »

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How to Get Ahead in the Realty Business

There they are. The family you have the responsibility of helping to find that perfect home. This is the place where they will eat, sleep, and make memories that will be handed down generation to generation.

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