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Category: Finance and Investing

Two funding tactics that can reap huge rewards

If you are looking to raise finance for a project within your business, you shouldn’t underestimate the value that both the Enterprise Investment Scheme and crowdfunding can have as you work towards your goals. Current Capital, which guides individuals through their investment journeys, explains the benefit of each initiative: Continue reading »

Why you should check the payments that leave your account

Money is a complicated thing. Often, people spend all of their time trying to ensure that they have as much of it as possible, but they forget to check what happens to their money after it lands in their bank accounts.

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A few of Mercedes-Benz’s most impressive features

Mercedes-Benz is a manufacturer constantly looking for ways to improve driver experience. This has led to many amazing innovations from the company’s end over the years to make driving more comfortable, fun and safer for motorists. Their modern day vehicles are packed full of great features, and this makes one of their automobiles a great investment. Continue reading »

How can temporary car insurance cost you more money in the long run?

In the attempt to lower the expense of your car insurance, you could seriously consider taking out temporary insurance. In a description put forward by MoneyMagpie, this kind of insurance allows cover spanning anything from one to 28 days. It certainly seems to enable a pleasing degree of financial flexibility; if you drive your car more occasionally than regularly, couldn’t it save you a lot of money over time? Well, that would depend on your particular circumstances… Continue reading »

UK pensions map infographic: how much are we saving?

True Potential, an online investment company, has created a graphic – mapping out how people around the UK are saving towards their pensions.


The UK Fintech company, has produced an app offering a self-directed investment service that lets you set goals, create budgets and invest directly from the app. Continue reading »

Cut Costs On Your Start-up With These Tips

So, your new business venture is almost ready to roll. Every penny accounted for, every box ticked, with the choice of company vehicle the only decision left to make.

We look at why leasing a van is a good option.

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Retirement travel dreams fading?

We’ve recently witnessed a positive shift in pension attitudes. Research from True Potential Investor’s Tackling The Savings Gap Q3 report shows that just 19% of 24-34 year olds didn’t contribute towards their pension — showing a reduction of 7% on Q2’s 26%. Continue reading »