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Contech (construction technology) is the basic engineering principles and technical skills that are necessary to help contractors, project managers, builders and other professionals to supervise the construction of buildings and other structures. Construction industry has been slow to embrace technology changes into their business models, but those who adapt and understand the benefits of embracing technology advancements they gain a lot and also survive the competitive business world. Many entrepreneurs have adapted and quickly incorporated computers, dial up internet and mobile smart phone internet into their businesses.

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Learning to See and Seize Opportunity

Business lessons of success come from so many different sources, many of which are otherwise really the unlikeliest of sources. But then again I guess that’s what separates entrepreneurs and business persons from the rest — their ability to spot opportunity where none seems to be forthcoming, particularly entrepreneurs. Continue reading »

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Think You Don’t Need the Cloud? Ask Yourself These Questions.


While cloud-based technologies are growing in popularity among small businesses, many still haven’t made the leap. In our recent webinar,experts shared the signs it’s time to shift to the cloud. Here are some questions to help you know what to look out for. Continue reading »

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What can help SMEs in expanding to international markets?

Running an SME is certainly exciting. It guarantees a number of difficult challenges as well as rewards at the same time. The drive to grow is surely something that motivates and pushes business owners and allows them to stay dedicated. The number of possible ways for the company to grow is, quite simply, astonishing. In fact, it was never easier for Small and Medium sized companies and businesses to expand and conquer international markets and customers then it is today. In today’s globalising world, reaching to new foreign consumers is simpler due to the development in technology e.g. fast internet, which allows the customers to browse and purchase products from a company based across the worlds in just minutes.

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Scaling Up Successfully

Make no mistake about it, it requires quite a bit of work and it perhaps even comes as a cause for many headaches and sleepless nights, but it makes for one of the better headaches to have as part of your business endeavours when you’re faced with the prospect of having to scale up your operation. What it fundamentally means is that you’ve achieved a very tangible measure of success – success which is the envy of many fellow businesspersons, entrepreneurs and even competitors – and so your natural growth trajectory sees you needing to institute some very significant changes in order to expand and perhaps meet the demands of clientele that’s grown beyond what you can currently handle. Continue reading »

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15 Things to Remember When Starting a Business

If you’re starting a business, you have a whole new world of things to remember. It isn’t easy. You’ll more than likely get a permanent migraine for a while. But if you remember these 15 things, you should be OK and get off to a great start!

A Business Plan Will Help you to Progress

Before you tell me lots of businesses go without a business plan, I already know. It’s perfectly possible to start your business without any real plan solidified on paper. Many of these businesses succeed, some of them by accident. However, if you want to be sure of your success, then a business plan is a good way to do just that. Outlining everything to do with your business and having it in one place will help you to move forward when you’re feeling stuck. It can help you escape the business when it’s going under (hopefully that won’t happen). It can even help you to secure funding. Don’t be lazy. If you can create a business plan, then do create a business plan.

Overestimate the Money You Need

Some businesses don’t need much money at all to get started. If you’re lucky, you won’t need any! However, you should always overestimate the amount you think you need. When it comes to a startup restaurant, for instance, it’s always going to help you to have more cash in reserve. The more money you can keep for an emergency, the more secure you can be if your business slows down.

You Need to be Prepared to Work Harder

Lots of people start a business so that they don’t have to work as hard as they usually do. While this can be the case, it might take years for it to happen. You’ll need to be prepared to work much harder than usual to get your business off the ground at first. I’m talking 6/7 day weeks, and long days. As long as this business is your passion, then it shouldn’t be much of a problem!

An Online Presence is Important

Even if you trade offline, and online presence is important for your business. Having an online presence allows more people to find you. People who didn’t know you existed suddenly realise that you’re there. You open up a whole new world of opportunities! Trading both online and offline will get more money coming in. Even if you don’t trade online, having that presence will help you to connect with customers and allow them to learn all about you. It’s beneficial whichever way you look at it! There are rules to conducting yourself online though, so make sure you look into those first.

You Must Be Original

Having originality is an absolute must. If you can think of an answer to a problem in a niche market, you could be onto something. If you’re starting a business like all of the other businesses out there, then you have a lot of competition and could easily fail.

You’ll Need Emotional Support

Emotional support is so important for business owners. Times will get tough, so make sure you have people you can talk to and swap ideas with. Whether this is a partner, spouse, family member or friend, keep them close!

Your Team Will be an Important Asset

The team you work with will be the most important asset to you, whether you start out as 2 people or 10 people. Make sure you value them, train them, and invest in them. Employment law consultancy is a good idea as they can handle any legal issues regarding things such as contracts. Reward employees for their hard work. Build a team like this and it’ll be hard for your business to fail!



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Four Ways To Transform Your Business

Sometimes if your business isn’t doing as well as you think it should, it’s time to make a transformation. And there are lots of different ways to do that. But especially with the fact that technology and processing are pushing information potential to a new level, you can use that care advantage.

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