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Could Red Traffic Lights Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory is an initiative by Ford and Jaguar Land Rover which could soon see us saying goodbye to the royal pain of being stuck at red traffic lights. Vehicle hire specialist, Northgate walks us through all the details. Continue reading »

The Top Factors Likely To Impact the Economy in 2017

As we near the holiday season, most businesses, ranging from small companies to larger multi-national corporations are already looking ahead to try and predict what 2017 will hold. It’s important for business owners to always be thinking ahead so they can make the right decisions on the consumer-side and map out their next moves including deals like possible mergers and acquisitions. Continue reading »

When is Your Shipment Large Enough for a Pallet?

When is Your Shipment Large Enough for a Pallet?

Pallets are strong, flat blocks of wood and plastic.Pallets lift your items up, away from damage due to water or muddy conditions. They are designed to add stability and security to your goods when shipping. At National Pallets we work hard to ensure the best possible transport conditions for your items. When deciding if a pallet will be right for your shipmentconsider the following factors.


What kind of items will you be shipping and how big are they?

If it fits in a parcel, don’t use a pallet. Shipping with pallets is great for small, medium and large businesses that need their goods delivered to a client or commercial warehouse facility. You can use pallet shipping to transport anything from a fridge to your newest range of crockery. Prepared and packed properly, pallets will protect. And to put it simply, items prohibited forshipping by pallet are either hazardous or furry.



Be sure and check the FAQ tab on our website and read up our readiness requirements when preparing your items for pickup. Goods mustn’t exceed pallet dimensions as they will be considered over-sized. Remember that you are responsible for securing your items to the pallet.


Pallet sizes

Know our pallet sizes. Try stacking your items and measuring the dimensions inadvance. You don’t want to pay shipping on a full pallet if you only need a half-size. Be careful when stacking, so that your pallet shipment isn’t top-heavy. We don’t want damaged goods! For more information on pallet sizes we’ve provided you with an informative blog post.


Type of shipment

If you sell items on Amazon our services will perfectly suit your e-commerce enterprise. Pallets are recommended when shipping your items to an Amazon warehouse in the most secure manner. Your items will be unloaded using either a pallet jack or forklift. Either way, a straight, gentle lift is a guaranteed.



Shipping your items further afield will mean more transfers from lorry to lorry. When you’ve taken the time to carefully measure your goods and pack your pallet, your items stand little risk of damage. Our experts are always here to advise you on packing and stacking.
Pallets make up the foundation to your goods and can be the best way of ensuring the safe handling of your products. Let us help you every step of the way to a safe and efficient delivery.

Politics, More Than Just Current Affairs

Politics is often a part of our society that we either love or hate, with very few of us having an indifferent stance. It is something that can deeply move us to act, change our way of thinking, and even cause arguments, simply because it speaks to us in a specific way. While every political change has the chance to do this, some engage the public more than others, with the current EU Referendum being one of them. Continue reading »

Use a Millennial Mindset to Create All-Access Events


According to U.S. Census Bureau population projections at the end of 2014, millennials — ages 18 to 34 years old — will bypass baby boomers as our largest (living) generation. And by 2050, it is expected that the U.S. will have roughly 79.2 million millennials living in its borders. Continue reading »