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Author: Peter

How workplace stress can lead to severe issues

The problem of stress among employees is one that is too often overlooked. Workers are expected to just get on with it and adapt to the pressures of the job. However, if these pressures are unnecessarily harsh there are simple steps that can be taken to reduce them, with beneficial effects in terms of productivity, profit and morale.

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UK pensions map infographic: how much are we saving?

True Potential, an online investment company, has created a graphic – mapping out how people around the UK are saving towards their pensions.


The UK Fintech company, has produced an app offering a self-directed investment service that lets you set goals, create budgets and invest directly from the app. Continue reading »

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5 Ways to Return to School to Better Your Career

Are you wishing you had better chances at advancement in your job? Feeling stuck or held back due to a lack of education? Going back to school can have huge ramifications for your life and career. However, many individuals find themselves unable to find a way to afford returning to school. Fortunately, funding for college may be a lot easier to find than you would think. Included here are a few ways to afford returning to school in order to better your career. Continue reading »

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Could Red Traffic Lights Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory is an initiative by Ford and Jaguar Land Rover which could soon see us saying goodbye to the royal pain of being stuck at red traffic lights. Vehicle hire specialist, Northgate walks us through all the details. Continue reading »

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Where Does the Money Go?

Thanks to Buddy Loans for providing this interesting infographic!Oatmeal-Infographic

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Giving New Life To Our Discards

In an age of microwaved meals in minutes, planned obsolescence, and cheap plastic packaging, we are rapidly using up resources, only to throw away a significant portion of the products we buy. Our landfills are overflowing with things that will likely be intact long after humans are gone from the planet, killed off perhaps by the very toxic substances we so cavalierly dump there. There are solutions to the problems our waste causes. The big question is, do we have the will to implement those solutions? Continue reading »

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How To Avoid Or Reduce Career Stress And Burnout

If you’re having a bad time at work or spending too much time working you are at risk for suffering from stress and you also run the chance of burning out. In case you haven’t heard of burnout (if you’ve ever been a college student you should be familiar), it’s basically a physical and mental exhaustion you suffer from not getting enough down time.

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