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A few of Mercedes-Benz’s most impressive features

Mercedes-Benz is a manufacturer constantly looking for ways to improve driver experience. This has led to many amazing innovations from the company’s end over the years to make driving more comfortable, fun and safer for motorists. Their modern day vehicles are packed full of great features, and this makes one of their automobiles a great investment.

Mercedes-Benz is a car manufacturer that has always strived hard to improve and develop their vehicles. This has led to many significant breakthroughs and developments over the years which have considerably changed the way in which we drive.


Because the German manufacturer has harnessed so many great technologies and features over the years, it means that all Mercedes-Benz used cars are great investments as these vehicles are built to last. Here are just a few of the modern developments that they have made to make driving easier, more enjoyable and safer for motorists.


4MATIC All-Wheel Drive


Many motorists have the need for all-wheel drive in today’s day and age. There are a few systems that are available, but Mercedes’ 4MATIC system is one of the greatest and enables motorists to drive with confidence in any condition.


Heated Front Seats


It is hard to drive anything else once you have driven a car with heated seats and especially during the winter months. Mercedes-Benz is known for creating luxury automobiles, and this is just one of the features that allow you to drive in complete comfort.


Attention Assist


Attention Assist is a safety system which cleverly learns how you drive and monitors steering adjustments and how often you interact with switches (amongst other factors) to determine if you are fatigued. The vehicle will then alert the user and encourage them to pull over.

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